Revolutionary Bzigo Iris: The Smart Home Mosquito Detector, Launched Today

May 29 02:51 2024
Accurate, user-friendly, and effective, Bzigo Iris revolutionizes indoor pest control, now available for purchase!

Bzigo, a pioneer in AI-based pest solutions, proudly announces the launch of the company’s first innovative breakthrough, the Bzigo Iris. This compact, intelligent mosquito detector offers a chemical-free approach to pest control, keeping consumer homes safe and eco-friendly.

Advanced Detection, Easy Elimination 

Designed to operate in all lighting conditions, Bzigo Iris harnesses advanced infrared vision and AI to detect mosquitoes. The device not only identifies but also highlights mosquitoes for precise elimination, making Bzigo Iris ideal for bedrooms.

Safe, Sustainable, and Effective

Bzigo Iris offers a science-based, chemical-free solution that’s safe for children and perfect for anyone with mosquito bite sensitivities or Skeeter syndrome. Ideal for creating a mosquito-free home environment, Bzigo Iris requires no replacement parts or refills, making the item a sustainable choice. Bzigo Iris is the first in a line of human-friendly, pesticide-free pest control products, showcasing the company’s commitment to better health and a positive global impact.

From Science Fiction to Home Reality: Bzigo Iris Goes Global

Following the development of a revolutionary AI-based detector, and manufacturing capabilities, Bzigo Iris has generated considerable interest worldwide, leading to significant pre-orders from those eager for the smart item availability. Starting with deliveries to the US, Bzigo Iris is set to revolutionize pest control for consumers globally.

Unlocking Smart Features for Effortless Home Protection

Bzigo Iris connects seamlessly to both iOS and Android devices. The product offers 24/7 functionality without needing replacement parts. Simply plug the device in, install, and Bzigo Iris works. With a compact size and lightweight sleek design, Bzigo Iris can be easily placed on a table or mounted on a wall, making this device a convenient and reliable addition to any home.“Bzigo Iris is a game-changer in fighting pests,” said Tzuki Friedman, Bzigo CEO. “Our technology doesn’t just tackle mosquitoes; it improves living conditions and puts the health and comfort of families first. With precision-guided vision and smart algorithms, we’ve created a powerful, easy-to-use solution to an age-old problem”.

Availability and Purchase

Bzigo Iris is now available for purchase to the public on Bzigo’s official website.

About Bzigo

Founded in 2019, Bzigo creates smart, pesticide-free pest control solutions using advanced AI technology. Bzigo’s mission is to provide easy-to-use, eco-friendly products that help keep homes safe and healthy, with a vision to fight mosquito-borne diseases. Bzigo Iris, the company’s first product, offers effective indoor mosquito control without harmful chemicals, marking the start of a new era in pest control. For more information visit:

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