Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Releases Insightful Article on Divorce Duration in New York

April 16 17:24 2024
Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Releases Insightful Article on Divorce Duration in New York

Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum ( of the Law Offices of Richard Roman Shum has authored an enlightening article aimed at shedding light on the timeline of divorce proceedings in New York. The piece serves as a comprehensive guide for those seeking clarity on the often-complex divorce process.

The recent publication by the Manhattan divorce lawyer addresses one of the most daunting questions faced by couples going through a separation: How long does a divorce take in New York? The article carefully outlines the various types of divorces recognized under New York law and the factors that can influence the duration of the divorce proceedings.

The Manhattan divorce lawyer begins by empathizing with the emotional toll a divorce can take, particularly when children are involved. The article underscores the importance of reducing conflict and legal expenses by exploring more amicable divorce options. Mr. Shum advises, “A skilled attorney with a strong background in mediation can be instrumental in de-escalating conflicts and enhancing the negotiation process.”

The article delves into the factors that contribute to the length of a divorce, such as the choice between contested and uncontested divorces, the presence of a no-fault divorce agreement, and the complexities of legal separation. Richard Roman Shum explains that while uncontested divorces can be resolved within three to six months, contested divorces may average nine months or more, depending on the level of disagreement between the parties.

Mr. Shum’s insights extend to at-fault divorces, pointing out that the duration of these cases can be similar to no-fault divorces, contingent upon the couple’s ability to cooperate. “The length of a litigated divorce correlates directly with how long the process will ultimately take,” states Shum.

The article also highlights the impact of children and the division of assets and liabilities on the divorce timeline. Mr. Shum remarks, “Ensuring the stability and well-being of children should be a paramount concern, and this includes reaching a visitation agreement that minimizes disruption to their lives.” The distribution of complex assets, such as business interests and foreign investments, is also noted as a potential time-consuming factor.

When discussing spousal maintenance, the Manhattan divorce lawyer emphasizes the importance of a fair evaluation of each spouse’s financial situation, including employment history and the potential earning capacity of a spouse who may have sacrificed their career for the family.

For individuals navigating the complexities of divorce in New York, this article is a valuable resource that can help set realistic expectations and prepare for the journey ahead. Those in need of guidance are encouraged to consider the support and legal counsel of a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

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