Founder Chris Gleason Leads His Company Into Texas Tax Loan Marketplace With Bold New Vision: Complete Transparency

April 15 10:12 2024
Founder Chris Gleason Leads His Company Into Texas Tax Loan Marketplace With Bold New Vision: Complete Transparency
Simplicite Tax Loans (Pronounced “Simplicity”) sees consumer-education as the key to expanding the Texas property tax loan marketplace.

April 15, 2024 – Chris Gleason is the founder of Simplicite Tax Loans, an innovative property tax lender with offices in San Antonio, Texas. Besides the goal of “simplicity” being at the forefront of the consumer-experience, he also wants to educate consumers on the realities of property tax loans. The belief is that if property tax loans were better understood, and property owners were better equipped to make informed decisions around their property taxes, that more tax bills would wind up getting paid by a property tax lender.

As a national property tax group, Gleason and his team specialize in a number of different types of financing transactions that revolve around property taxes. In Texas in particular, they see property tax loans as a means of empowering Texas property owners to battle back against burdensome property tax rates – saving substantial sums of money in the process.

Simplicite will offer property owners something unique that has never been offered before: one-on-one strategy sessions with trained tax experts that are equipped to identify both the cheapest and most ideal solution for paying off past due property tax bills, even if the solution isn’t a loan from the company itself.

Some simple math clearly show that property owners who utilize tax loans stand to save 50% or more on interest and penalties that they would otherwise be charged by the tax collector. However, statistics also show that most property owners who take a tax loan don’t understand that their savings could be significantly greater. With even a rudimentary understanding of property tax loans, as well as just a few basic negotiating skills, property owners would be able to significantly reduce their property tax loan costs.

Gleason and his team expertly craft customized solutions for each of their clients that will highlight their expected savings but also consider strategies that the property owner should pursue to reduce future taxes. Simplicite clients not only get their property tax bill paid, they also walk away with clear gameplan to attack and reduce their future tax bills utilizing all of the tools that could possibly be at their disposal.

The company wants to be a stepping-stone on every property owner’s path to peace of mind, financial freedom, and their piece of the American Dream. More information can be found at

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