Retirement Secrets Revealed – Shawn Maloney’s Newly Released Book Helps Readers Create a Strong Financial Future

April 15 07:57 2024

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – April 15, 2024 – Certified retirement planner and fiduciary Shawn Maloney has now released his new book, The Priority of Retirement: How to Align Your Financial Future Using the Wisdom of the Ages. This new book is an invaluable educational resource when it comes to protecting and growing wealth during retirement. It combines age-old wisdom with modern financial mechanisms to help American citizens retire with confidence and complete financial security.

The Priority of Retirement is a highly comprehensive book that takes a deep dive into all things retirement and uncovers not only the historic roots of retirement but also the age-old wisdom behind it. This timeless knowledge and wisdom are paired with modern financial techniques rooted in cutting-edge research, thus giving readers the ultimate American retirement plan that will stand the test of time in any economic climate. Starting with all the things that create a strong retirement foundation, the book takes readers on a transformative journey with tried, tested, and highly effective retirement concepts such as The Retire Happy Framework™, different phases of retirement, The Bucket Strategy, The Four Hs of Financial Wisdom, and much more. With this book, readers can expect to broaden their understanding of important financial planning concepts and get closer to creating a truly reliable retirement plan.

Shawn Maloney is the owner and president of Retire Wise, LLC. As a certified retirement planner and fiduciary, he is highly passionate about helping people create a fulfilling, secure, and happy life in retirement. He proactively educates the American public about financial planning concepts. Over the years, he has perfected his unique financial planning techniques and created The Retire Happy Framework™, which has helped people from all walks of life enjoy the benefits of a solid retirement plan.

In addition to the financial aspects of retirement, Shawn also coaches the public on the non-financial aspects of retirement. He imbues his clients with the knowledge and tools to not only create a secure financial future but also a deeply joyful retirement full of purpose, gratitude, generosity, and utmost personal happiness.

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