China’s Exclusive Green Computing Infrastructure Innovation Cluster Selected for UN Climate Change High-Level Launch

December 04 21:42 2023


Dubai – December 4th, 2023 – The high-level launch event of the UN Climate Change Green Practices took place in Dubai, UAE. Mr. Alex Ju, a global advisor for cross sector energy transformation at the Climate Group, was invited to deliver a keynote speech.


Mr. Alex Ju highlighted the significant achievements of the 28th UN Climate Change Conference, emphasizing the collective action of developing countries to promote sustainable development. He stressed the importance of strengthening alignment with green transformation strategies, enhancing mutual assistance, and exploring new pathways that integrate development and environmental protection.

Currently, China, Southeast Asia, and other developing countries and regions are implementing top-level designs such as “Digital China” and the “ASEAN Digital Masterplan 2025 (ADM).” The energy system transformation and infrastructure industry are undergoing significant restructuring.

Mr. Alex Ju remarked that to ensure the efficient, decarbonized, and cost-effective deployment of AI-based computing infrastructure technology revolution in developing countries and regions, BCI is willing to share the successful experience of the Super Energy Complex, which integrates “Energy + Campus + Equipment + Network” through cross-system vertical integration. He also called for strengthened cooperation in the field of computing infrastructure and collective exploration of green, localized, and clustered development paths for computing infrastructure in countries along the Belt and Road.

The Super Energy Complex integrates four major capabilities: advanced energy, advanced campuses, advanced equipment, and advanced networks. It adheres to long-termism and altruism, using industrial investment to alleviate the unsustainability of traditional land investment models based on “land, subsidies, resource”cutting. This unique model facilitates regional industrial transformation and upgrading, providing sustained support for local economic sustainability while helping digital economy enterprises seek carbon reduction in computing power.

Mr. Alex Ju provided detailed explanations of the main pathways for the establishment of the Datong Super Energy Complex. This involves the investment of critical upstream and downstream infrastructure assets, including the hyperscale wind and solar energy base, extended energy storage stations, water-thermal circulation networks, computing equipment research and development bases, and circular link channels. It anchors the localization of supply chains, talent chains, investment chains, and industrial chains, creating a comprehensive “Advanced Energy + Advanced Campus” computing equipment integrated platform with “one horizontal, one vertical, three zones, and multiple campuses” model.

Currently, the reserves of energy, equipment, network, and other elements in the Super Energy Complex have started to take shape. It has accumulated 1 million square meters of campus space, equipment manufacturing production lines, a 2,000-kilometer circular capital highway network, and the capability to recycle water through natural cooling, reaching hundreds of millions of cubic meters.

Regarding energy, the Super Energy Complex has completed the reservation of 2.1GW of green power resources. Once fully operational, it will achieve approximately 3 billion kilowatt-hours of green electricity annually. By 2030, it aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the aforementioned scenario, contributing to the establishment of a world-class infrastructure industry cluster in Datong, China.

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