Chiropractic Health to Open a Third Practice – Location to be Announced Soon

November 30 18:09 2023

Australia – Chiropractic Health, a leading Australian chiropractic clinic known for its exceptional care and personalised treatment plans, is excited to announce the upcoming opening of its third practice. Following the success of its Geelong and Craigieburn locations, this expansion marks a significant milestone in the clinic’s commitment to making top-quality chiropractic care accessible to more Australians.

Since its inception, Chiropractic Health has set a standard in the industry for its holistic approach to chiropractic care. The clinic prides itself on conducting thorough assessments, formulating individualised treatment plans, and focusing on long-term health improvements — rather than just merely addressing symptoms. The team at Chiropractic Health, led by experienced chiropractors including co-founders Dr. Mitchell Cook and Dr. Brady Cook, Dr. Lauren Byrne, and Dr. Terence Ho, has been pivotal in providing care that goes beyond pain relief, delving into the root causes of pain and dysfunction.

“We have always been passionate about promoting the best quality of life possible for our patients,” said Dr. Cook, the clinic’s co-founder. “This new clinic will allow us to extend our reach and continue our commitment to improving health and wellbeing through expert chiropractic care.”

The clinic’s services are diverse, encompassing spinal manipulation, low force techniques, stretches, exercises, spinal strengthening, and ergonomic advice. These methods have proven effective in improving nervous system function, thereby enhancing overall health. Patients of Chiropractic Health have reported benefits including pain relief, improved mobility, better sleep, and increased energy.

The success of Chiropractic Health can be attributed to its patient-centred approach and its commitment to staying abreast of the latest in chiropractic research and techniques. “We believe in the power of chiropractic care to transform lives. Our new clinic will be a testament to our vision of creating environments where health comes first,” the spokesperson added.

The location of the third clinic, set to complement the existing successful clinics in Geelong and Craigieburn, will be announced shortly. This strategic expansion is poised to bolster Chiropractic Health’s position as a leader in chiropractic services and is a direct response to the growing demand for quality care across Australia.

“Our vision is to be the place people associate with good spinal health and overall wellbeing,” stated the spokesperson. “With the opening of our third clinic, we are one step closer to making this vision a reality for more people.”

Chiropractic Health’s third clinic is anticipated to open its doors soon, offering the same high level of care and expertise that its patients have come to expect. For those interested in learning more about Chiropractic Health’s services and the new location, stay tuned for the upcoming announcement.


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