Author Sam Schreim Launched “Greatness Through Subtraction,” the First Book in his 3-part Cognitive Toolset Series

November 30 12:58 2023
Sam Schreim’s 3-Part Book Series unlocks the true potential in humans.

Noted author Sam Schreim has announced an innovative 3-part book series aimed at helping individuals harness their full potential and gain an unfair advantage in life. The first book, Greatness Through Subtraction, is already out, and books 2 and 3 are scheduled to be launched soon. With a deep commitment to maximizing human potential, Schreim distills decades of cross-disciplinary research into a user-friendly system for elevating mindset, expanding skill, and achieving excellence.

In the recently launched Book 1, titled “Greatness Through Subtraction: Unlocking the Genius of Achieving More by Doing Less (Cognitive Toolset Book 1),” Schreim introduces the groundbreaking concept that achieving more can often be accomplished by doing less. He shares the counterintuitive power of constraints in driving innovation and focus by eliminating unnecessary elements. From simplifying physical and mental spaces to nurturing creativity through limitations, Schreim provides a practical blueprint for streamlining life and uncovering latent talents.

The upcoming Book 2, “A Strategic Playbook of 450+ Mindtools, Frameworks, and Business Concepts,” will equip readers with an extensive toolkit to excel in various aspects of life. Drawing on his wealth of expertise, Schreim plans to offer a comprehensive array of strategies and insights to empower individuals and give them a competitive edge.

Stay tuned for Book 3, “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving,” where Schreim delves into the timeless principles and cognitive strategies that underlie rational thought. This book promises to enhance readers’ decision-making skills and equip them to confidently tackle complex challenges.

Business Model Hackers, the publishing powerhouse behind this transformative series, boasts a rich history of advising top-tier corporations and producing acclaimed management books. Their latest release, “Greatness Through Subtraction,” authored by founder Sam Schreim, adds to their impressive portfolio.

Sam Schreim, the visionary behind this groundbreaking series, has dedicated his career to exploring and unlocking the human mind’s potential. His work is celebrated for its innovative approach to personal development and success. 

Sam Schreim’s cognitive toolset series is set to redefine personal and professional growth, offering readers the key to achieving excellence and success like never before. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey with Sam Schreim’s groundbreaking books.

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