With the Definition of “Livestreaming” and “Last Mile of Distribution” Being a Global Consensus, Hangzhou Released the First 2 International Standards for E-commerce in the World

November 30 16:36 2023

From November 14th to 17th, the 8th Plenary Conference of the Technical Committee of International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC321) was held in Hangzhou. At the Conference, the first two international standards for e-commerce in the world, namely Transaction Assurance in E-commerce-Vocabulary and Transaction Assurance in E-commerce-Principles and Framework, were officially released.

The two standards, led by China, were jointly formulated by more than 10 countries including Britain, Japan, Senegal, Congo and Singapore, which marked a zero breakthrough in international standards in the field of e-commerce, unified the basic concepts and terminology definitions of e-commerce, sorted out the main framework, main business scope and basic principles of e-commerce transaction guarantee, and filled the gap in this field.

As the capital of e-commerce, Hangzhou has always attached great importance to the development of e-commerce standardization and participated in international standardization activities in an all-round way. According to reports, the standard of Transaction Assurance in E-commerce-Vocabulary is undertaken by Hangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration and Alibaba Group, and the standard of Transaction Assurance in E-commerce-Principles and Framework is undertaken by Hangzhou Institute of Standardization and Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology. As the cornerstone of e-commerce standardization, the two standards systematically summarize and refine the experience of Hangzhou e-commerce and will be popularized and applied to all countries in the world.

Zhang Xin, director of the research department of international exchange and e-commerce standardization of Hangzhou Institute of Standardization (Hangzhou Standardization International Exchange Center), said that before, there was no unified international standard in the field of e-commerce, and all countries operated according to their own standards. In cross-border e-commerce transactions, misunderstandings and frictions caused by different definitions of terms were often encountered.

“For example, the concept of ‘Livestreaming’ and ‘Last Mile of Distribution’ was originally defined differently in different countries. Now it has been unified through these two standards, and countries have reached a consensus.” In Zhang Xin’s view, the release of the two standards is conducive to protecting the interests of all parties in cross-border e-commerce transactions.

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