Accredited Employer Work Visa Solutions For New Zealand And Australia

August 25 15:12 2023
The Hamilton-based immigration assistance firm has the latest knowledge backed by personal experience. The company provides highly specialised services in lodging visa applications, reducing the risk of errors that can cost time, money, and future application opportunities.

Ezy Immigration Advisers and Eddit Dhiman are pleased to announce that the experienced accredited employer work visa team deeply understands immigration laws, visa categories, and subcategories. This expertise allows the professionals to guide clients accurately in an ever-changing immigration policy environment. 

The company provides highly specialised services in lodging visa applications, reducing the risk of errors that can cost time, money, and future application opportunities. No matter where in the world clients are located, they can reach out for assistance regarding New Zealand or Australia visas or other immigration matters.

The immigration team has more than nine years in the industry. They specialise in various types of immigration solutions, including skilled migration, family, work, partnership visa NZ, and visitor and student visas for both Australia and New Zealand. The principal adviser, Eddie Dhiman, is licensed by both the Migration Agents Registration Authority, Australia, and the Immigration Advisers Authority, New Zealand. His expertise in both jurisdictions enables him to provide clients with the best migration solutions. 

The company offers tailored immigration advice at a one-stop location while answering specific questions for personalised service. The company’s commitment is to make the migration process easy for clients without compromising the quality of service. Ezy Immigration Advisers’ vision is to become a preferred and trusted migration partner by offering end-to-end settlement services.

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During 2023, a new requirement affects employers and the need to be accredited to employ any migrant. These regulations include students, working holidaymakers, and open work visas. The employer accreditation process brings a range of additional requirements for businesses, some of which will be standard practice. At the same time, there might be more complex areas to address. Small businesses, in particular, who do not have the luxury of full-time Human Resources representatives will require some help with documentation requirements along the way.

Two significant types of employer accreditation levels are Standard and High Volume. Every employer who needs to become accredited will apply under one of these two. Franchisees and labour hires will have additional requirements to make the process more stringent. Every company is different; Ezy Immigration is proud to understand the client’s business, apply expert immigration advice, and find practical outcomes to enable firms to hire migrants. Immigration policies are constantly changing and evolving. It is too easy to misunderstand the legal instructions. Ezy Immigration provides in-depth knowledge of immigration laws, visa categories, and subcategories to decide the right action. Ezy Immigration has assisted hundreds of clients in finding solutions to issues of immigration. 

Lodging a visa application is a highly specialised task that professionals should handle. A small error can cost an enormous amount of time and money and affect the applicant’s chances of applying. Many visa refusals are due to simple application form errors or supporting documentation omissions. However, a licensed immigration consultant can evaluate the case using expert knowledge and experience and suggest possible options for a successful outcome in a complex immigration matter.

The Partnership Visa NZ is a popular immigration option for individuals with a New Zealand partner. It provides a pathway to live, work, and study in New Zealand and access to healthcare and education benefits. Ezy Immigration will give an overview of the benefits of a Partnership Visa, eligibility requirements, the application process, common issues, and testimonials from successful applicants.

About the Company: 

Ezy Immigration Advisers have nearly a decade in the industry. The founder of the company has experienced the immigration process personally. He strives to make the process of obtaining a visa or responding to questions as easy as possible.

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