Titan Lithium: The UK’s Longest-Running Battery Specialist, Announces Its New Products And Services

March 16 23:30 2023
Titan Lithium announces the release of new lithium batteries with superior quality and performance, a longer lifespan, and affordable prices. The website focuses on selling the highest quality products in the markets for caravans/motorhomes, marine, and solar storage.

TITAN Lithium

California – March 16, 2023 – Lithium is powering the future, with its lightweight and power-dense batteries being a crucial component of electric vehicles (EVs). As EV sales are seeing massive annual growth, analysts predict that global EV sales will jump 57% in 2022 year-over-year. This trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, making lithium an essential material for many industries. 

However, higher-quality lithium batteries offer several advantages over their lower-cost counterparts. Firstly, they tend to have a longer lifespan, meaning users won’t have to replace them as often. Secondly, they usually offer better performance in terms of both power and efficiency. And finally, they come with a much lower risk of early failure. Plus, when customers buy from a reputable battery specialist company like Titan Lithium, they get free UK-based support from a family-owned, 75-year-old battery specialist company. 

TITAN Lithium is the UK’s longest-running battery specialist. Since its founding, the company has grown over time while continuing to use the most recent technology to offer solutions for people, homes, and businesses.  

“We pay close attention to changes in our industry and all technological advancements, freely exchange opposing points of view to find a solution, and incorporate creativity,” said Chris, the spokesperson for TITAN Lithium. “Our main goal is to use our resources, expertise, and experience as efficiently as possible to quickly deliver the right result to our customers while still taking into account their shifting needs,” he added.

Nonetheless, TITAN Lithium narrows down its range of lithium batteries to suit users’ needs. while their batteries are suited for a whole range of uses. Some of their products include 24v lithium battery, chargers, marine, mobility, renewable energy, leisure, and many more.  

Moreso, the company has unique battery sizes for capacity units that no one else can match, such as the Titan Lithium 12.8V 150Ah Battery, which has an unparalleled 150Ah/1,920Wh capacity in a low-profile battery case (019 case size) with ultimate Grade A+ quality cells for an expected average lifespan of 15-20 years. 

TITAN Lithium

It is one of the last batteries to include built-in BMS, high-quality and standard Bluetooth, the safest lithium chemistry (lithium iron phosphate), and featherweight performance (up to 80% lighter than lead-acid). 

In addition to this, there are many other lithium products for users, such as lithium leisure battery, 12v lithium battery, lifepo4 leisure battery, lithium battery for motorhome, 12v lithium-ion battery, lithium 110ah, lithium 120ah, and many more.

It is impressive that Titan Lithium has a well-informed and helpful website for its products, and offers special support and representatives to meet customers’ needs. 

About TITAN Lithium 

TITAN lithium batteries are higher-quality batteries that offer increased life, better performance, and a lower risk of early failure compared to other companies with lower-cost alternatives. This makes them a great investment for customers who use their batteries regularly or rely on them for critical applications.

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