Telling Stories Beyond Boundaries: Showcasing The Power Of Color And Cinema

March 16 20:39 2023

Telling stories beyond boundaries is a story about a young female film maker, who surpassed all societal notions and stereotypes and became an established 

Film Maker in the city of dreams – Los Angeles…  

“It was my childhood dream to scream ACTION on a film set”.  

Photo by: Ritika Telang  

Mrunal Mestri is an established writer, director, and producer – born in the city of dreams – Mumbai, and raised in the Lion City – Singapore, currently working in Los Angeles and bringing her stories to life. Her journey began in 2018, when she started pursuing her BFA in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. She graduated with an honour’s degree scoring 3.85 as her GPA and after a week, she straight away started pursuing her MA in Film and Media Production degree, scoring 3.82 as her GPA. After four years of formal training in Filmmaking, with her passion and dedication towards storytelling, she has now started working in Hollywood.  

Mrunal belongs to a family of engineers, doctors and competent businessmen who knew nothing about the movie world. But when she watched the first Harry Potter film, she started believing that the world is full of magic, one just needs to find it. “If JK Rowling has the ability to influence and inspire the world through her stories then so can I”. Film Making was more than just a hobby.  

Mrunal has written, directed, and produced, 10 of her own solid short films that revolve around sensitive topics like homosexuality, feminism and equality, modern dating and ways to heal from a heartbreak or loss of a loved one. She also wrote and directed a PSA which questioned the society for their gruesome contributions towards raising their daughters to silently follow sexism than giving them the strength to fight it. Telling stories that raise awareness towards world issues and relationship dynamics has always been her objective.  

Mrunal has assisted a prolific award-winning director – Rachel Goldberg – who’s won more than 20 awards for her work and directed shows for Marvel, Peacock, and HBO. She’s also worked as a script supervisor, alongside Jon Amiel, who’s one of the directors of breaking bad. She later also worked as a script supervisor on a feature, alongside Anthony Lucero who’s worked as a VFX artist on movies like “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”, “The avengers”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and many more… 

Mrunal dreams of inspiring more women of her colour to pursue their dreams. “All you need is a story”. Keeping this thought and passion in mind, Mrunal created an award-winning short film in the year 2022.  


(Mrunal’s Award Winning Short) 

Voler has won 10 film festivals and received 2 official selections at film festivals. Mrunal won 3 awards in the category of “best directing”, 2 awards in the category of “best writing” and four in the category of “best short film”.  Voler also had its first premiere at the TCL Chinese theatre on February 28th, 2023.  

Voler is a heart-warming tale about love, loss and moving on, that encapsulates the journey of 65 years old Davis, who’s living an extremely lonely and mundane life, tries hard to connect to ballet, to honour the memories of his dead ballerina wife, but doesn’t have the emotional strength to move on from his past and accept his loss. Voler also stars the two-time Emmy award winning artist for Best Foley – Craig NG in the lead role. He’s worked on big name movies like “Everything Everywhere all at once”.  

“I have always loved the idea of love and it’s been my constant urge to portray it through my lens. I instantly felt very passionate about this story. Voler isn’t a love story, it’s a story about love! A story that captures the essence of an individual experiencing immense pain whilst learning how to move on. He remembers her, every second of his life and he uses the very thing that she loved, to find escape in and finally let go of his sorrows”.  

“When I wrote this film, my intention was for it to reach people and give them the hope of letting go, after they lost someone, they once loved. The objective of making Voler was to convey that, there’s light at the end of the tunnel”.   

“Sometimes all you need to do is dream big and believe in yourself. Mrunal is working hard towards contributing to the world of storytelling here in Los Angeles. If she can dare to dream, then so can you”.

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