Stonewood Funding Discusses Pre-Settlement Funding for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

March 16 17:48 2023
Stonewood Funding Discusses Pre-Settlement Funding for Personal Injury Plaintiffs
Stonewood Funding’s mission is to help plaintiffs understand how pre-settlement funding works and how to find a trustworthy lender

Los Angeles, CA – Stonewood Funding wants to ensure that personal injury or car accident victims know all available options. When a personal injury claim leads to a lawsuit, victims may be short on funds due to increased medical expenditures and missed work. Expenses do not stop while waiting on a suit; hence, companies like Stonewood offer pre-settlement funding, also known as a lawsuit loan. While Stonewood Funding covers cases within California, they also want to help other claimants find the best lenders in their area.

“This is not a traditional loan,” explains the team at Stonewood. “If you lose your case, you owe us absolutely nothing. This type of funding is referred to as “non-recourse” and is the only type of legal funding Stonewood Funding provides.”

What is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Lenders will take a client’s application and review the pending case with the plaintiff’s attorney. Then, they estimate what settlement the client can expect and provide a portion of the settlement as a cash advance. Pre-settlement funding does not affect a credit score and is not a traditional debt. Clients’ attorneys pay back the cash advance with a portion of the final settlement after winning their case.

“It is important that injury victims have representation from a quality attorney,” notes the team. “We will work with your attorney to devise a plan that meets your needs. We want to make sure you get the best deal. While your attorney may have a pre-settlement funding company they have worked with before, you should check if their standards match ours before making your choice. If you are outside of California, you can use our standards to help choose a lender in your area.”

Applicants are open to how they spend the funds. “People most commonly apply for lawsuit cash advances to cover daily living expenses as well as things like rent, child care, and property repair,” explains Stonewood. “If you have been left unable to work, this could be especially important.” Pre-settlement funding can help accident victims recover by helping cover expenses and removing a causing factor of stress. “Once the funding enters your bank account, you will have the cash you need to maintain your life in comfort and free from the financial hardship that often plagues victims of personal injury lawsuits.”

Stonewood Funding provides the money as an advance and takes a payoff through the lawsuit’s settlement; other companies may prefer structured payment plans.

How to Find a Trustworthy Lender

“All lawsuit settlement funding companies claim to be the best. Although we’re sure that we can offer our clients the best rates and service, we want you to feel confident in your decision,” explains Stonewood. “We understand how complicated and overwhelming it can seem.”

Some lawsuit loan companies require clients to pay them back regardless of a case’s outcome. Others charge application fees and lending fees, leading to higher out-of-pocket expenses. Others cannot guarantee quick turnarounds, meaning applicants must budget their costs to match the timeline. Most importantly, however, Stonewood advises that it is essential that the funding company of choice works with the applicant’s attorney to devise a plan personalized to their situation.

Stonewood recommends companies that take their payment through the final settlement. Structured plans and monthly payments lead to compounding interest fees and higher costs. At best, a company that insists on structured payments will be upfront with their interest rates.

About Stonewood Funding

Stonewood Funding is committed to the rights of personal injury victims awaiting settlements. They strive to offer excellent rates and speedy service so that clients can remain empowered in the fight for what they deserve.

Stonewood aims to help clients understand how the lawsuit funding process works and guide them to maximize the amount they receive in their eventual settlement. Rather than looking to monopolize profit, they advise plaintiffs only take what is enough to sustain them while awaiting settlement. Stonewood’s online application is quick and easy, they do not charge an application fee, and their funding is risk-free. If clients do not win their case, they do not owe Stonewood.

Stonewood has an A+ rating with the BBB and is affiliated with CAALA. The company has been featured in Yahoo!, Digital Journal, Business Insider, and Marketwatch. They also boast 4.9 stars on Google and 5 stars on Yelp.

Contact Information

Interested parties can contact the media team at [email protected] or by calling 844-544-3863(FUND). For pre-settlement funding, interested parties should call or apply online. Clients who submit their application before noon on a business day may be eligible for same-day settlement funding.

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