The MYSTIXS Unveil Connection to UFO Mothership and Release Debut Music Video Amidst Pentagon Reports

March 16 14:54 2023

Nassau, Bahamas – The MYSTIXS, a new genre-bending music band hailing from the Bahamas, have just released their debut music video, “Astral Silence”. The video features an otherworldly adventure where the band encounters extraterrestrial beings who request a legendary electric guitar, specifically a Stratocaster. Coincidentally, amidst the release of the video, news reports from the Pentagon have recently declared the existence of UFO motherships in our galaxy, further adding to the mystery.

In the music video, the MYSTIXS connect with a UFO mothership and deliver the guitar to the aliens, documented for all to see on The band uncovers the truth behind the UFO mothership and shares a message of unity and the power of music to transcend all boundaries, even across galaxies.

“As a band, we’re thrilled to release our debut video that blends music and sci-fi,” says Tao Lumin, Greggy D and FDD, of the MYSTIXS. “Connecting with the UFO mothership was an incredible experience, and we’re excited to share it with the world.”

The MYSTIXS have delivered an out-of-this-world experience with “Astral Silence”, featuring mesmerizing visuals of cosmic landscapes and captivating storyline. The music video is a must-watch for music and sci-fi fans alike.

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Be sure to check out the video to witness the epic encounter between the MYSTIXS and the aliens on the UFO mothership, in the midst of Pentagon reports.

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