Realign, Inc. Launches, the First AI-powered Career Test for Students and Job Seekers

March 15 22:18 2023
This test matches today’s job seekers’ personalities, skills, and interests with the top career paths, offering an in-depth look at salary ranges and job satisfaction levels to empower their decision-making.

AI technology has been all the rave early this year, with chatbots garnering attention for their capacity to provide intelligent answers to specific instructions. Since their inception, writers, reporters, and other busy professionals have exhaustively tested the bots’ capabilities. Ultimately, they found the bots’ output useful for content-related posts ranging from straightforward conversations to the most controversial of topics.

Realign, Inc., a tech company, also harnessed AI technology in an effort to empower students and job seekers looking to capitalize on their technical and soft skills and find their true north. The company recently launched, the first AI-powered career test for students who want to explore high-paying jobs that fit their personality, skills, and interests. This service also seeks to help mid-career professionals looking to change their path toward success. is free to try, and its base-level freemium test allows potential customers a glimpse into the higher-level packages available. The test asks users questions about their personality, skills, and aspirations. Once finished, the AI-powered analytics give the user a skills overview and recommend the top five career paths most relevant to that overview. These career paths are laid out in a table format with job titles, salary ranges, job satisfaction levels, and job characteristics. The test also provides detailed information on the user’s career personality, ideal work environment, and income potential.

Users can get their test’s full report in three different ways. offers the Basic Report, priced at $19.99, which gives two sets of information—the user’s Top Career Path and Career Personality. The Basic Report offers insight into a user’s income potential, job satisfaction, and general characteristics.

The Comprehensive Report, valued at $29.99, provides an additional feature called Exclusive Career Insights. This feature allows users to obtain accurate ratings on the most current work-related topics, like Work From Home (WFH) statistics and retention rates, from actual working professionals.

Lastly, the Premium Report, priced at $99.99, offers access to a feature called Industry Veteran in addition to the combined features of the Basic and Comprehensive reports. This feature lets users speak to established professionals already working in their dream career field, ask them questions, and get a referral to a specific employer, insider tips for networking, or other information that is not publicly accessible.

The Premium Report also allows users to enhance their experience through questions about career-related topics such as how to land a job, custom-tailor their resume, ace interviews, and more—all answered by an industry veteran.

Feedback for the brand has largely celebrated its in-depth, data-driven analysis and effectiveness. Nyna A., one of its customers, said, “I’ve completed a number of online career evaluations, only to be disappointed by the confusing answers. I loved the results I got and the exclusive insights this report provided me. When I checked against my own knowledge of the field, their compensation information was surprisingly accurate.”

Another customer, Jacob B., said, “My mentor told me about this test as I was looking to switch my company. I found data from my dream company’s employees and compared myself against them for the position I was considering. It is very interesting to see how there are certain trends in a few jobs that are commonly known as “good jobs,” but where the respective job satisfactions are trending low.”

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About is the first AI-powered career test for students and job seekers, established by tech company Realign, Inc. It provides users with their top career paths, personality profiles, and more, allowing them to find their best career options based on income and job satisfaction levels. Its founder, Brian Youngil Cho, is a serial tech entrepreneur working to make a maximum positive impact on the world around him.

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