Heysong Audio Introduces Wireless Outdoor Speakers with Up to 40 Hours of Music Playing Time

March 03 18:26 2023
Heysong Audio Introduces Wireless Outdoor Speakers with Up to 40 Hours of Music Playing Time
portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Heysong Audio is proud to announce the latest addition to its array of innovative outdoor speakers, the Heysong wireless outdoor speakers. With the rapidly growing trend in outdoor entertainment, the Heysong speaker provides an elegant solution to bring music outside without being hindered by wires or a power source. This lightweight and water-resistant speaker can provide up to 40 hours of continuous music, making it perfect for use on a camping trip or even an indoor party. The Heysong features a powerful bass response while maintaining its lightweight design. Heysong Audio is a top-notch wireless audio device store that strives to provide excellent wireless speakers at affordable prices. All products are customer-oriented, and the personnel will always ensure that customers get the best service possible.

Heysong’s new wireless outdoor speakers, designed for the adventure seeker and music lover, feature a durable, waterproof design with a long 40-hour battery life, making them ideal for the car and camping companion. Heysong’s portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a lightweight speaker that can be carried around without sacrificing sound quality. Its ultra-portable and compact size make it ideal for travel.“The Heysong Onn speaker is an exciting new concept in audio. We saw an opportunity to create a wireless, waterproof speaker that was rugged and durable enough to withstand the elements and still deliver exceptional sound quality,” says the CEO of Heysong. “Its lightweight design allows you to take your music wherever you want to go.”

Heysong waterproof outdoor speaker system is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. The speakers are wireless, so users can place them anywhere within 100 feet of the sound source. The speakers can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, reducing users’ reliance on cords or wires. The speakers also provide long music play, making them ideal for weekend getaways or extended camping trips.

Heysong Audio, a top-rated wireless audio device store based in Shenzhen, was founded by a team of people who all shared the same goal: providing excellent wireless speakers at an affordable price. Having a strong passion for music and possessing rich experience in the field of sound technology, the founders decided to build a business based on making high-quality speakers available to everyone. The company aims to provide a wide range of Onn speaker, ANC headphones, and TWS earbuds. Their innovative and patented technology allows their users to enjoy high-quality music anywhere, anytime. For more information, please visit https://www.heysongaudio.com/heysong-reverb-party-queen-portable-outdoor-bluetooth-speaker-black.html.

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