Drivebuddy, making life easier by showing users mobile speed camera zones.

November 22 21:03 2022

Anyone navigating around a city or unfamiliar location can be a challenge, especially if the speed limit is hard to identify and everything on around is cars, people, advertisements, and a bunch of other signs with confusing symbols on them. This does not have to be a stressful, anxiety inducing, or complicated situation if you download DriveBuddy, a mind-blowing NEW Australian navigation App that will help Australians get to their destination quickly, safely, and without those pesky speeding fines. 

The DriveBuddy app is the first of its kind as an all-inclusive navigational app that provides full transparency of every single mobile speed camera zone, so users know exactly where a stationary or mobile speed camera can sit. 

DriveBuddy confirms “This concept and accuracy has never been achieved commercially in Australia before, giving road users the most comprehensive road information ever.” Within the last year, New South Wales alone raked in almost $16 million from speeding fines in just five months. A third of which were unnecessary and due to unclear speed zones and driver navigation confusion. 

A large number of drivers have confirmed that when they become lost, their brain switches to panic mode, ultimately making them forget about their speed and more so focussing on how to get out, and how to get where they need to be. This causes many drivers to receive speeding tickets, Drivebuddy fills this gap by alerting users when they are at risk of being caught speeding by a mobile speed camera.

In addition to stationary and mobile speed camera cars, DriveBuddy is an end-to-end navigation solution, providing comprehensive traffic information, travel distance and times, together with estimated arrival times and detailed navigation. 

“Everyone should have access to the same information; therefore, we exist to make that happen.” DriveBuddy said. 

This tool is certainly a great addition to anyone that drives to both familiar or unfamiliar locations and wants to know what to expect ahead. Our yellow lines show driver’s mobile speed camera zones, finished with a very simple design and layout, making Drivebuddy extremely easy it is to use. 

This app is at the top of the market, set to be one of the best and most used GPS Apps in Australia. 

The DriveBuddy App has been released to Victoria only at the current stage and is beginning to rollout nationwide. Drivebuddy is available on iOS devices. For those who are interested in downloading the App, click here to download today, or sign up to our waiting list here.

The Drivebuddy app is promoted by The Drive Buddy Australia Pty Ltd.

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