Former Venezuelan champion Joval Montero leaves a mark with an innovative training method for high-performance athletes

November 22 11:06 2022

The “Joval Method” stimulates the central nervous system to improve muscle impulses and contractions for sprinters and jumpers; it works for anyone.

Former champion Joval Montero Serrano deploys a training system for high-performance athletes in the United States, which stimulates the central nervous system to improve muscle impulses and contractions in sprinters and jumpers.

“Training the body is not isolated from training the mind. Many high-level results depend on the brain’s responsiveness,” the expert explained when talking about his innovative “Joval Method.”

Former sprinter and long jump athlete sport professional, and specialist in Applied Sciences for high-performance sports, Montero has been a coach since 2011.

Since then, he has achieved more than (17) awards and national records, (including 6 medals in the Central American Games, 27 he was the athletics coach and managed to qualify for the world championship.

“The content of my training method is also important for people with common goals. Therefore, it is not limited only to high-performance sports and can apply to many different people”, he explained.

Joval Montero is a coach and speaker certified by the World Athletics (International Association of Athletics Federations). In Spain, he did a diploma in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. He currently lives in Miami, where he implements his training method.

Among his results as a coach are the successes of Yulimar Rojas, multiple world and Olympic medalist; Andrea Purica, six-time World Cup champion, South American and Central American champion; Nediam Vargas, four-time World Cup champion and Central American Games champion; and Robeilys Peinado, double Olympic athlete, multiple world medalist, South American record holder, among many others.

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