Utility Packed AntCoin Made Its Debut On the Binance Smart Chain

July 05 01:04 2022
AntCoin (BEP-20) is emerging as a star in the cryptocurrency community with cutting-edge features like auto-burn, utilities, and low taxes.

When AntCoin (BEP-20)  debuted as a low-tax, utility-packed community token on the Binance Smart Chain, the crypto universe immediately took notice thanks to some rarely seen features on the Binance Smart Chain. Since then, AntCoin has been building a strong, cooperative, and selfless community that is working together to help AntCoin achieve its goal of creating a haven for its community.

One of the biggest features that sets apart AntCoin is its continual auto-burn feature, which reduces the supply of the token and increases the demand spontaneously. It has been programmed to become an auto-burn token and create scarcity. This will increase the value of the tokens, and the token holders will benefit immensely from them.

Along with the token, the developers of this token are also developing a strong, cooperative, and selfless community to work together as an army and let Antcoin achieve its goals.

AntCoin is not a simple community token, but it is a token that has more utility than most of the generic tokens that crypto enthusiasts are aware of. 

The developers of AntCoin have come up with the standard card NFTs pack called Antsplay. The deck consists of 53 cards. Out of these, a few can be grouped under different groups like Red diamond, Blue diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These are five special cards that have designated tiers with special prizes attached to them. New packs are made monthly. Each of the Antcards will have future access that will be revealed later.

The Antswap decentralised exchange platform is another intriguing feature of AntCoin. An enhanced decentralised exchange with Antcoin (ANTS) is being created with the intention of using it for transactions on their envisioned exchange platform while providing users with lower transaction costs. The ability to reduce transaction costs while trading on a platform with an accurate chart to track trades will attract investors to use ANTS.

Buying AntCoin is a simple process. 

Users can simply download the Metamask or the Trist Wallet. 

Then connect it to the Binance Smart Chain. 

Get the BNB Smart Chain and then proceed to purchase AntCoin.

For more details, visit: 

Website: https://antcoin.app

Telegram: https://t.me/Antcoin_official 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Antcoinofficial

About Antcoin:

Antcoin is a new cryptocurrency, is a high-utility, low-tax token. It is available on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). With its ongoing auto-burn feature, it is accessible to all investors who want to create a wonderful environment for themselves. As a result, its value significantly rises.

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