Discusses Some of the Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade One’s Credit Card Processing Machine

May 31 23:42 2022 Discusses Some of the Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade One’s Credit Card Processing Machine

While online sellers pay close attention to the quality of the payment experience, brick-and-mortar retailers sometimes miss out on sales because of card processing issues. The first credit card readers were used at the end of the 1970s, and the technology has changed a lot since then. If a business is still using an old-fashioned terminal and has noticed one or more of the following signs, it’s time for an upgrade that will improve customers’ perception of the brand.

The Terminal Only Takes Certain Cards

If a business’ existing terminals don’t recognize one or more of the world’s most widely used card brands, customers will shop elsewhere. While some will simply pull out another piece of plastic, others will just walk away. Business owners can go to this website to learn more about the latest credit card processing tech.

Terminals Don’t Accept New Payment Technologies

At the least, brick-and-mortar businesses should have terminals that accept NFC or near-field communication payments. Smartwatches, phones, and new cards all include NFC technology, as do new terminals. If existing terminals aren’t NFC-ready, it’s time to make the switch or risk losing customers.

According to, the United States is the world’s second-largest mobile payment market. Many of today’s consumers want to make mobile payments, and it’s just as important to offer them in-store as it is online. Customers expect a consistent experience across sales channels, and allowing them to use their preferred payment method is a great way to give it to them.

Slow Processing

When credit card terminals take too long to complete transactions, long lines, congestion, and frustrated customers are the result. Processing delays typically result from outdated software or hardware, as well as physical damage to a terminal. Solve these and other problems by upgrading the credit card machines or consumers may pay the price. 

Cutting the Cord

Desktop card terminals with ethernet connections can meet a business’ needs if payments are made over the counter. However, most retailers can benefit from wireless terminal technology. If one is taking payments on the road, consider investing in a 5G or WiFi-enabled terminal that makes it easier to cut the cord and make sales anywhere.

An Inability to Process Returns and Refunds

Most sellers assume that, if a terminal takes payments, they’re in the clear, but that’s not always the case. As a business grows, it becomes more important to track outstanding invoices, refunds, and returns. With a payment terminal that’s integrated with a comprehensive marketing platform such as Sumup, business owners can process and track transactions more efficiently.

Get the Best Terminal Upgrade and Watch the Business Grow

Even if Credit card companies adjust merchant fees. Consumers may pay the price it’s still possible to boost revenue. 

With the right card reader, businesses everywhere will have the ability to use existing cellular and Wi-Fi networks to accept mobile payments and manage transaction data.

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