Discusses Some Important Details about Installing a Dental Implant San Francisco

May 31 22:36 2022 Discusses Some Important Details about Installing a Dental Implant San Francisco

People with missing teeth want a tooth replacement product that restores their smile. Dentures aren’t the best choice for every person, and most people want something that looks natural and doesn’t make them self-conscious. Dental implants are a terrific choice for these clients.  

How To Know if Implants Are The Right Choice

Dental implants are tooth replacement products that require a strong jawbone. X-rays and examinations of the jawbone are conducted to see if the bone and gums are strong enough to support the implants. 

Bone grafts strengthen the jawbone, but there aren’t any guarantees that the grafts will be successful in every case. The surgeon performs several grafts if possible. Unless they can rebuild the jawbone and improve its strength and function, the dental implant will not stay in place according to 

How Are Implants Installed?

A titanium root is installed in the jawbone through the tooth socket, and the implant crown is connected to the root with an abutment. Some dental professionals require a healing period of up to six weeks between the installation of the root and connecting the implant crown. They can decide which is better for each client according to how quickly the jawbone and gums heal.

Oral surgeons who perform same-day implants complete the entire surgery during one appointment. A San Francisco Dental Implant Center Announces New Milestone of Over 125 Customer Reviews in San Francisco and attracts more customers. The clinician explains what to expect during the consultation. 

What Are the Greatest Advantage of Implants?

The implants look more natural than dentures, and the dental products perform just like natural teeth. Customers won’t experience embarrassing issues with implants. They won’t fall out of their mouths as dentures could. The implant crowns are modeled after the person’s natural teeth when possible. Is one ready for a better tooth replacement option? Dentists recommended you read more information now. 

Will the Person Experience Pain After the Procedure?

Clients experience some pain and discomfort after the oral surgery, but over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol offer fast relief. The clinicians won’t schedule the implant surgery at the same time as a bone graft, and the patient heals properly between the procedures. After the surgery, the client should report any severe pain or signs of infection to their oral surgeon.  

Are There Any Special After-Care Requirements?

Dental implants are not the same as dentures since they are inserted into the jawbone. The person brushes the implants and floss around them just like they do with their natural teeth. Standard oral hygiene products are safe for dental implants. This includes toothpaste and mouthwash products. It is not necessary for the client to buy special products to care for their dental implants. Need more answers about implants? Contact a dental care provider such as Gentry Dentistry now. 

Dental implants are a more natural choice for replacing missing teeth. The implants replace one or several teeth and are inserted into the jawbone. Ready to restore that smile? Contact an oral surgeon for a consultation now.  

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