Real Estate Expert Zaki Ameer Proves Financial Freedom Is Possible

May 31 22:18 2022

Sydney, NSW – As cost of living continues to rise, many Australians are beginning to have concerns surrounding their financial future.

The property market has continued to be a hot topic in many households, with Australians of all ages wondering if they have a future in property ownership.

Zaki Ameer, a real estate expert, wealth creation coach, author and guest speaker is all too familiar with this inner struggle many Australians are facing at the moment.

Zaki was once in the same position, but decided that he needed to think smarter if he was ever going to get ahead.

However after over a decade of working in the industry, he’s pretty confident that he can guide people to make smart decisions for their financial future through property investment.

As the founder of DDP Property, a highly regarded full service property investment consultancy agency, Zaki is working closely with prospective investors each and every day.

Contrary to a popular sentiment, Zaki believes that people can see more success as an investor, as opposed to an owner occupier using the government’s first home buyers grant.

“Although it may seem crazy to not take advantage of free money from the government, in actual fact you are disadvantaging yourself.”

“The property you’ll be buying with your grant will only ever perform like traditional real estate.”

“If you invest correctly, every investment you make can pave the way for the next one.”

Zaki urges anyone looking to buy property to think carefully about how they use their money. With the right guidance and advice, you can create a financially independent and free future for yourself.

As house prices continue to rise and interest rates for home loans are set to increase, Zaki suggests that now is the time for investors to finally take the next step into acquiring their portfolio.

Zaki Ameer is passionate about helping others live on their own terms and achieve a financially free future. He’s already helped thousands of people build an investment portfolio that sets them up for life.

If you’re concerned about your financial future, it’s time to start doing something about it.

You can read more of Zaki Ameer’s insights and tips at his website.

About Zaki Ameer:

Zaki Ameer moved to Australia as an International student at the age of 18, and quickly found himself with few friends, no income and significant debt from university. He pushed himself to work full-time while attending night classes, and eventually in 2011 he founded his own business, DDP Property based in Sydney NSW. Since then, Zaki has helped over 2000 clients purchase property, spoken at seminars and events about wealth creation and personal development, and written his own book. He has a particular interest in mentoring and helping others through both advice and charity work.



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