TiFi Gains Market’s Attention For Its Allverse Journey

May 31 17:20 2022

SAN FRANCISCO – May 31, 2022 – TiFi is closer than ever before to bringing allverse finance into reality. TiFi is a vision sprout from great minds in San Francisco, a platform built to bridge the  universe and metaverse financial disparity. 

Within 2 months, TiFi has grown into an amazing community with over 29,000 holders of TiFi Token since its launch. On May 16, 2002, TiFi Token had a successful launch on its first centralized exchange Coinsbit, and it whopped a transaction volume of more than $1 million on its first day. TiFi token has  experienced an exponential growth of more than 10,000% (ten thousand percentage)  therefore building its market capitalization to more than $300 million. 

TiFi is a few months away from releasing its TiFi Bank, a new platform that will  reward users with rebates and interest for using and staking their tokens respectively as well as the swapping and farming features that encourage crypto investors’ engagement. TiFi will also release a shopping and trading platform called TiFi Allverse after the release of the TiFi Bank. 

Just like any startup, TiFi has had its challenges, recently it experienced a glitch from  CoinMarketCap, a popular price tracking site owned by Binance. Binance owns both  Trust Wallet and CoinMarketCap and they share the same API, hence this glitch also  affected our pricing tracking on Trust Wallet and other tracking services who leverage the data of CoinMarketCap. The CoinMarketCap team has been very cooperative and responsive and they have given the utmost assurance to fix the bug soonest. TiFi has shown its profession and transparency to TiFi Token investors during the process and encourages people to track the price at proper market data sources.

The latest marketing plan unveiled by the TiFi team drove the price to its current  market capitalization of $200 million, the team has announced it will be resuming a  new round of marketing campaigns to drive the price of TiFi Token to a multi-billion  dollar market cap. 

With the attention of the crypto market, TiFi consolidated an ever-growing community for its continuous support and understanding. As the statement TiFi has made by their official channel, “we boast to say to our amazing community that this is  just the beginning of a new era for TiFi Token.”

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