What do Albert Einstein, Mozart, Rembrandt, Henry Ford, and Mother Teresa have in common? They are a part of The Help DAO.

May 31 16:20 2022


May 31, 2022 – The Help DAO will be the #1 non-profit decentralized autonomous organization. 

The Help DAO focuses on making the world a better place by using crypto, DeFi, and blockchain technology. We are building the top non-profit that will self-govern. 

After being launched, every action The Help DAO takes must be approved by the community and is completely transparent and verifiable. 

Become an NFT holder/member, get exclusive benefits, and help us execute various humanitarian projects around the world. 


• A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization with a shared bank account and capitalization table.

• Each NFT entitles the owner to a multitude of benefits including a membership seat in the DAO, used to make collaborative decisions on projects, assets, and how to help the world using the funds held in the Community Treasury.

(100 unique NFTs = 100 members)

(1 NFT = 1 vote on proposals) 


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By acquiring an NFT from the Autographs Collection a holder will get:

  • Membership to The Help DAO, including voting rights, project status updates, reports and more

  • Substantial resale value

  • A unique piece of art and high-resolution Autograph from one of the most famous people in the world.

  • Your NAME on projects The Help DAO will fund (buildings, schools, orphanages, wells, office space, et cetera)

  • On-site field trips on humanitarian projects and opportunities to meet up with the communities that The Help DAO is helping.

  • Monthly group call/virtual meeting with a Fortune 500 CEO (brainstorming and Q&As included, different one each month)

  • Access to exclusive member-only events

  • Blessings and inner peace knowing that you are making the world better place to live

Funds allocation:

70% allocated to Community Treasury (projects, worldwide help)

30% allocated to administration (team, events, fundraising, marketing)

Who’s on this project?

Many famous personalities, philanthropists, and business tycoons are a part of The Help DAO community and the autographs collection.

The entrepreneurs and creators behind this project will reveal themselves after all NFTs are sold:

“We want to show everybody that it is possible to change the world and make it a better place without using your fame, celebrity, or notoriety. Anyone can do this.”

Current NFT holders and members of the DAO:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Logan Paul

The Exclusive Autographs are being sold and auctioned on: 


The Help DAO will execute the following humanitarian projects:


  • Digging wells to provide access to clean, safe water.

  • Teaching and helping people to grow their own food

  • Clothing donations


  • Assist people with medical, dental & optometry services

  • Provide medical supplies & equipment


  • Child sponsorship and other community development programs

  • Support environmental programs


  • Helping people to integrate back into society

  • Help to overcome addictions

  • Provide temporary housing and support while helping them to find a job and housing

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How to join The Help DAO

All the information about funds raised by The Help DAO members, NFT holders, donations, and distribution of funds are going to be available on the website at www.TheHelpDAO.com

Everyone can get an NFT by clicking on this provided link: https://opensea.io/collection/autographs-dao 

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