Pamela D’Angio Raises A Fundraiser For Giveaway Of Tech Proven To Reduce Heatstroke Deaths In Hot Cars

May 31 15:26 2022
14-year volunteer Child Passenger Safety Technician is aiming to promote awareness by purchasing and giving away authorized child safety seat devices to avoid kid heatstroke deaths in hot cars.

Since 1998, hundreds of children have died from automotive-related heatstroke as a result of being left in hot cars unknowingly. According to one research, the interior temperature of a car increase by 10 degrees Celsius every minute. This means that parents who end up leaving their children in a locked car, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are putting their children in danger of heatstroke. 

While worldwide international laws have been enacted requiring parents of children under the age of four to install approved certified kid in child seat detecting devices on their child’s CRS in order to notify distracted drivers about the presence of the child in the car seat, the lack of a solution in the USA is glaring. Pamela D’Angio is a grandmother who is very knowledgeable about CRS legislation, and so she decided to create a fundraiser to raise awareness and ultimately giveaway the tech that has been proven to prevent children from being forgotten in hot automobiles.

When contacted, Pamela D’Angio was quoted as saying, “The U.S. child safety advocates and legislators have chosen to embrace an “all or nothing” approach. That is, wait 2-4 years for the automotive industry to provide a simultaneous technological solution for child deaths from playing in unattended vehicles as well as children forgotten in hot vehicles, while our babies continue to be forgotten and dying of vehicular hyperthermia every summer. With an awareness of available technology I am hoping to put an end to this today!”

With the help of this fundraiser, there is hope to raise as much as 20,000 dollars so that child-sensing technology can be placed in every child’s car seat. This will significantly cut down the overall deaths of children that happen. The aim is to hold giveaways that, in turn, will be held at several TBA child seat inspection locations. 

Those who would like to see a significant reduction in such hapless deaths should make it a point to check out the fundraiser and make a contribution. One can find all the details at

About Pamela DAngio

Pamela D’Angio is a grandmother and someone who knows all about CRS legislation. As a child passenger safety technician with experience of 14-year, she has been an avid advocate of child safety and animals and has been volunteering for their causes.

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