How To Maintain The Glass Straight Line Edging Machine From Sunkon Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd

May 31 15:00 2022

1. Before start up the SUNKON Glass Machines, please check the spoilage condition of wheels or change it if necessary. And check the spray nozzle position each time after wheel has been changed.

2. Machine should be running 5-10 minutes without glass before processing to ensure the motors are in best running position.

3.1 As for the stepless gear on the left side of main machine, it should be change the lubricant after 300 hours at the first time and removed the filth when changing is made. After that, it must change the lubricant each 3 months if working 10 hours continuously each day, or it can change each 6 months. When change the lubricant it only need to screw out the abratvent to inject (Oil level should be reach the middle position), and screw out the oil plug on bottom side to put out the dirty oil. 150# industry gear oil (SY1172-80) is recommended to use.

3.2 The oil changing rules for the main drive worm gear, which is connected to stepless gear, is the same as the stepless gear.

3.3 As for sliding board base of grinding spindles and front guiding track, adopt oil gun to fill N32 mechanical oil to keep good lubrication.

3.4 For main drive chain please fill grease once each month. Demount the oil filling caps on front and back cover at left side of machine while filling the grease. For the drive chain of transmitting track, fill grease once for each two months. Synthetic Li-base grease ZL-1H (SY1413-80) is recommended to use.

3.5 Clear the water tank regularly by water condition and quality request of glass.

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