Solana NFT Project will be launched in June with a Bunch of Amazing Benefits to the NFT Holders

May 31 16:27 2022
Solana NFT Project will be launched in June with a Bunch of Amazing Benefits to the NFT Holders

The Latest NFT project of Off the Block NFTs is the Solana NFT Project.  Inspired by art and crypto Off the Block NFTs aim to create a community-ran investment platform, where Off the Block NFT holders can vote and decide on what we stash in the vault. The launching event of the Solana NFT Project will be held on Wednesday, 15th June 2022. The minting event will also be broadcasted live on their platforms.  Solana NFTs DAO which means Decentralized Autonomous Organization is currently having thousand (1,000) OTB Membership Passes with fifteen (15) different character variations available for the buyers who are interested to be NFT holders. The main aim of the Solana NFT Projectand theOff the Block NFTs is to create a community-ran platform with many perks and benefits for its holders. Their ultimate goal is to turn a community into a brand.

Off the Block, NFTs community vault’s 80% of the profits will be used to distribute back to the community along with 50% of royalties being invested back into the vault. Limited art drop of the 50-piece art collection of a new female character, White listers will benefit from having half price mint. At least 222SOL of the mint proceeds will be used to invest and stake. Alsos launching a limited clothing collection release only for the NFT holders. And also, a distribution token also will be rewarded for them. In the event of introducing a 3D character drop, a hundred (100) free mint passes for a 3D character launch will be offered and it will also be used in phase two which is a limited art drop. Unique 3D NFT Membership Passes will be offered to them. One of the main aims of the Solana NFT Project is to build a Legendary Decentralized NFT Community which is a strong community with a dedicated team.

As community vault holdings 222 SOL will be deployed into markets at a time that suits the overall community in addition to this the community will also decide where this money will be spent! This will be done through a holder’s voting process. As project development and expenses Off the Block NFTs company will be using another 222 SOL to recoup expenses incurred from the project. As examples paying stuff, marketing purposes, portal development, and many more things will be done. As stable coin holdings, the 81 SOL held in stable coins will be used at a later date.

Off the Block NFTs will update the community and get the input of the community and get the input of community on any plans made with these funds. 40% of initial mint proceeds will be used to fund the community vault, 20% of the initial mint will be used to further develop and grow the community, 80% of royalties will be reinvested into the project, and 80% of profits made from the vault will be distributed to holders.




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