Georgia Rapper Thomas Paxton Whitaker To Release Single “I’m Not” Featuring Georgia Vocalist Rachel Robinson

May 31 05:06 2022
Georgia Rapper Thomas Paxton Whitaker To Release Single "I’m Not" Featuring Georgia Vocalist Rachel Robinson

When it comes to writing ballads and love songs, Thomas Paxton Whitaker, also known as the artist Rook, has had his fair share of experience. The Georgia based rapper is now preparing to release his first single which is a ballad titled “I’m Not”. The song will feature up and coming vocalist Rachel Robinson, of Bowdon, Georgia.

Miss Robinson, is a 29 year old dedicated mother of one son. “My biggest accomplishment is being a mom!!,” The cheerful young mother exclaims. “I enjoy thinking about things on a deeper level. I am just super passionate about anything soulful and meaningful in life!” Rachel is a poet, an artist, and an aspiring entrepreneur. She loves to express herself through reading, writing, poetry, and music. She’s currently in the process of designing her own clothing line, and she hopes to publish a book someday. One of Rachel’s main goals in life is to help empower other women and inspire them to step into their full power and potential.

Thomas, tells us, “Rachel, is definitely a deep thinker. She’s got a light spirit about her that’s very uplifting. She brightens a room with her presence, and her smile. She’s one of those people who will make you feel better about yourself just by being around her. She gives freely of herself to others, and she’s an active member of our community who believes in trying to implement positive changes around her. She’s a very responsible, goal driven individual. I’m glad to have her on board at Rook Enterprises. I’m very happy to be collaborating with her on my debut album, and we’re both super excited about releasing “I’m Not!” The pandemic didn’t spare our community here in Carroll County, Georgia. Right now we’re all struggling to put our best foot forward, and get back on top of things again. It’s been an emotional time. We’ve buried a lot of loved ones in our community over the last 24 months, and we’ve all nursed and helped each other as much as we’ve been able to… to get us all through this. These experiences have resulted in me producing some incredible music which I’m very eager to share with the world.

Recently, I’ve been working in the oil and gas industry to sustain myself which is not very popular with a lot of people these days. So as of lately, life has been quite challenging, complicated, complex, and somewhat controversial for me, but I’m determined to release First Come First Served. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the music industry, and I’m an empathetic person in general. The recent passing of Naomi Judd was absolutely devastating on a universal level. You can’t have a heart, and not be touched by something like that. I can’t even begin to imagine what her children are feeling right now? Especially Ashley, being there at the time. They all live right around each other. That’s how we do down south. It’s hard not to be affected by that. It’s no longer about being a celebrity. It’s about loss, and community. The Judds have had a powerful impact on my life with their music. There were plenty of days in my life when I thought about giving up, but I would think about those girls and their backstory…which I know well, and that was enough to get me out of my head. Naturally, I’ve written a song for Momma Judd, in light of this tragedy. How could I not? So many things can move a person to create a beautiful work of art, but unfortunately sometimes that motivation can come from very dark places. For true artists…it’s a creative outlet. It’s how we deal with our pain. It’s how we help to facilitate the healing of a broken heart, or what we do when we feel like we just don’t have the strength anymore. These last couple of years have been a dark place that’s touched pretty much everyone in some way or another. Our outlets get us through those times. “I’m Not” is very much that way. Rachel and I are true artists, who are ready to put our work out there.”

The single, “I’m Not”, by the artist Rook, featuring Rachel Robinson, is set to be released at midnight, on August 25, 2022.

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