BIDZ Coin becomes the next power house in the crypto space

May 31 04:51 2022

The introduction of credit and debit cards was transformative, but the release of Bitcoin in 2009 changed the game for buyers and sellers alike. Cryptocurrency is centralized, meaning there are no third-party payment processing platforms involved in transferring funds between banks. Direct bank-to-bank transactions allow for benefits such as the nominal, if not free, fee in comparison to that of third-party payment processing platforms and the diminished risk of a security breach or potential for technological failure. Though exchange rates between countries differ, cryptocurrency can be utilized uniformly across the globe. Thus, the reach of a business expands, and an entrepreneur has newfound access to an international market. Cryptocurrency can be an investment tool as well — the market might fluctuate drastically, but great risk often comes with great reward! Unlike the government’s ability to print more money, resulting in decreased fiat currency value and inflation, cryptocurrency companies limit how many coins can be minted. BIDZ Coin has a supply of 15 billion coins.

Today there are thousands of options for alternative coins on the market, so how does BIDZ stand out? BIDZ is powered by a central component called BIDZ Coin. BIDZ can be thought of as an ecosystem wherein an entire suite of products and services further add to a BIDZ Coin’s utility. Mass adoption of crypto as a standard of currency is our vision, so we’ve integrated the apps that are familiar to most into the world of crypto. Read on to learn more about how BIDZ Coin has revolutionized the cryptocurrency industry.

Unlike most platforms, BIDZ users are given decision-making power with the ability to vote on issues that impact the community, such as future developments and upgrades to the BIDZ ecosystem. The governance coin, called RYKU Inu, is a do-to-earn system that will only be available to users via the Pancake Swap platform. RYKU Inu coins can not only be used like any other existing coin to buy and sell goods, but users gain benefits as they’re collected. As these coins are accrued, users will:

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  • Earn voting power according to tiers. The higher the tiers, the more voting power a user has.
  • Get early access to BIDZ offerings, BIDZ NFT marketplace, and BIDZ Metaverse land sale
  • Have access to the contents of our BIDZ private discord page

BIDZ Gaming

Spin the prize wheel to earn rewards in the form of BIDZ coins with Earn BIDZ. Earn BIDZ is similar in operation to the wildly popular Pi Network and Bee Network, which have over 1 million downloads worldwide in IOS and Android app stores.

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The original Tic-Tac-Toe app has over 500 million downloads on Google Play alone. Our version of Tic-Tac-Toe converts this traditional game into a crypto-earning system.

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It generally takes a long time to reap the benefits of most play-to-earn style games because users have to wait on the release of the affiliated coin to recover their rewards. BIDZ is unique in that we have released our coins concurrently with our games so that our users can access their earned perks sooner rather than later. Time is money, so why not get paid for yours?!


Living in the digital age means privacy concerns aren’t limited to the people around you — they’ve become worldwide with the creation of the internet. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, creates an encrypted connection that routes your online traffic through a remote server before sending you into public internet domain. Whether to keep sensitive data secure while using public Wi-Fi or prevent your internet service provider from profiting off the sale of your web browsing activity to third parties, a VPN can provide peace of mind.

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BIDZ VPN (First fully decentralized VPN app)

Dubbed the cheapest VPN ever created, BIDZ VPN modifies usage based on the intended user’s mode of use. There are four modes in which a VPN will allow a user to leave their existing location and transfer to another without disconnecting and reconnecting. Many VPNs cease functionality over a set amount of time, making it possible to track your location again. In contrast, BIDZ VPN ensures your security by changing your location every 30 minutes. You can utilize BIDZ VPN in one of two ways- by using BIDZ Coin as payment in exchange for a low monthly fee or by purchasing through Google or Apple pay at a standard rate. When you use BIDZ Pay, the cost ratio is 1.99, while traditional VPNs reflect a monthly rate of 12–17.99.

BIDZ Auction

With rising inflation rates and the looming threat of a recession on the horizon, economies across the globe have felt the impact. No matter where they are in the world, our goal is to ensure that all of our users continue to enjoy the things they’ve grown accustomed to. Place a bid on trips, tickets to sporting events, gift cards, mystery boxes containing a combination of products and services, and even a defi box with bundles of popular coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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BIDZ Coin intends to make services affordable for everyone. Service providers can place bids on services lower than the stated price, allowing individuals everywhere to purchase goods and services regardless of geographical boundaries.

BIDZ Wear-2-Earn

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Mining coins the BIDZ Way with our Wear-2-Earn program. Customers with IOS and Android operating systems can download our app to purchase t-shirts and hoodies from stores across the globe. A QR code unique to each buyer is printed on the back and is scanned to earn BIDZ Coins. Make purchases, track your order, and view the timestamp and location of every scan ever done.

BIDZ Verification

The invention of the internet was life-changing in a myriad of ways. Still, the dark side of the internet is evident in cyber attacks, not to mention the newfound ability for bullies to harass in anonymity. Prevention is vital to protecting yourself online, but the ever-creative methods of hackers and scammers have made it increasingly difficult to identify security risks as they occur. The reach of the internet is worldwide and, as such, excluded from the jurisdiction of any local law enforcement. State government officials will often refer you to federal authorities, who will likely deem your issue inconsequential and fail to address it. It’s also likely that the customer service department of even the largest of tech platforms will either never respond to your repeated requests or declare themselves too overwhelmed with other cases to review yours.

Unfortunately, there has never been much to be done to identify a cyber criminal, leaving the victim feeling vulnerable and powerless. Not anymore! BIDZ Verification was created to combat this issue and give victims hope. With this tool, a victim gets a custom link with tracking capabilities. The victim simply sends the link to the suspect, but the suspect must click the link for the BIDZ Verification tool to be successful. It’s a good idea to send the link along with a personally crafted message that entices the recipient to open it. The link can be sent via basic text or email in addition to any social media platform with a messaging function (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.). The recipient will be presented with a seemingly standard and inconsequential request to share their location and allow access to their camera.

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BIDZ Verification

Meanwhile, BIDZ Verification tracks the timestamp of every click made by the recipient and records it. As soon as access to both camera and location services is allowed, the victim will not only receive the precise location of the other party but a picture of their attacker’s face! By utilizing API, this tool is invaluable in verifying blockchains and payment gateways, preventing scams, anti harassment campaigns, and combating cyberbullying.

BIDZ Metaverse

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BIDZ Metaverse is an ambitious project that will bridge the real and digital world gap. Business owners can list products in their stores through META BIDZ. If a business is already established through WordPress or Shopify, users can use given API’s to connect an existing online store to the Metaverse. Business owners automatically receive a confirmation receipt for each purchase to review before mailing the order. Users will be rewarded in BIDZ or RYKU Inu Coins (our Do-to-Earn system) for participating in various activities throughout the Metaverse. Stay tuned for more details!

BIDZ eCommerce

Electronic commerce, or “eCommerce,” is simply an umbrella term for monetary transactions that occur online. Online shopping from retailers, the resale of unwanted items between consumers, and the sale of services between businesses or freelancers selling their services to businesses are all examples of eCommerce. When the first ever purchase from a website occurred in the nineties, the business owner couldn’t have fathomed that this one transaction would be a catalyst to today’s powerful online marketplace.

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Imagine a world where cryptocurrency has become the gold standard of acceptable payment methods. Immediate transactions, limited fees, less room for technical error, and most importantly, security of your payment information. This is the aim of our e-commerce platform, BIDZ Store — a virtual store that accepts BIDZ cryptocurrency as payment and offers discounts on various products.

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