Countless Companies That Hire Felons To Turn Their Lives Around

May 31 04:30 2022

Trucking companies amongst many other sectors provide felons holding commercial driver’s licenses a chance to become truck drivers and enjoy a handsome salary together with other benefits.

Finding a job itself can be a difficult chore and becomes even more grueling for someone with a shady past. After serving their time, Felons may feel the urge to get on with a virtuous life. To achieve this the first thing, they require is a job. Felons may feel that finding a job would be impossible after the crimes they have committed. But that is not true. Many companies may be dubious about hiring convicts, but a great deal of them also believe in giving second chances. Firms belonging to different sectors reserve a wide diversity of jobs for felons.

As a felon, looking for a new job one should focus mainly on companies that hire felons. Applying to big companies is not a sensible option. There is a very high probability of the application being rejected. Applying for a job at a trucking company sounds like a rational idea for individuals holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL). A good wage together with a great demand for commercial drivers makes Truck driving a lucrative job. The mere holding of CDL has helped innumerable truck drivers get back on their feet.

Trucking companies also offer to cover one’s cost of the training school in return for the truck driver working for them for a specific time. The duties of a truck driver include inspection of the truck to ensure that its efficiently functioning, supervising the loading, and unloading of cargo, and matters pertaining to paperwork.

Employees will be appointed tasks of local driving, regional driving, and over the road truck driving. Lists of Trucking companies that hire felons include Boyd Bros. Transportation, Carolina Cargo, Celadon Trucking, Cheeseman Transportation, CR England, Crete Carrier, deBoer Transportation, Hunt, Knight Transportation, National Carrier, PGT Trucking, Roehl, Stevens Transport, Swift Transportation, TMC, Trans Am Transportation, Trans Way, Uhaul, Western Express. Trucking companies conduct a thorough background check of felons before hiring to ensure that the felons have the least driving offenses. Regular drug and alcohol tests are also conducted and even the slightest taste of an undesired substance in the blood gets one fired. Truck drivers enjoy handsome pay together with other benefits. Their pay scale ranges from $45000 per year to $85000.

Trucking companies work according to their hiring policies. Some companies may hire felons according to the severity of their crime while others may only hire convicts who have spent 5 to 7 years without resorting back to crimes. Felons must be really truthful on their job applications. Companies run deep background checks on every felon they have to hire. Trying to hide any felony to ameliorate one’s chances of getting hired is thus useless. Numerous crimes committed like Arson, Assault with intent to murder, Bribery, Extortion, Kidnapping, Operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08% or higher (DUI), Reckless driving resulting in death, Serious traffic offenses involving misconduct with a motor vehicle, e.g., road rage, Smuggling, Trafficking in controlled substances or weapons, Treason, Using a commercial vehicle (CMV) to commit a felony, and Vehicular manslaughter curbs one’s chances of getting hired.

Truck driving is not the only job that felons can turn to. The List of Companies that hire felons can be broadly classified into sectors like Grocery stores, Hotel chains, restaurants, and food service outlets, Food processing employers, Manufacturing companies, Delivery companies, Retail chains, Warehouse and distribution employers, Communication companies, and Airlines. A grocery store is an ideal place to look for a job as no special degree is required. A mere High School Diploma would do the job. Here, felons can start from entry-level jobs like stock clerk, cashier, shopping cart attendant, bagger, warehouse assistant, and custodian. By working tirelessly and with ambition felons can then make their way up to higher positions like mangers and assistant managers. Applying to Hotel Companies is also a sensible idea for felons. Although the jobs offered at hotels are pretty laborious, they are bound to have a good impact on an individual’s reputation as a hard-working and willing-to-change Individual. The jobs include housekeeping, hotel maintenance, and food and beverage service.

Restaurant and Food Service is one of the sectors that provide job opportunities to Felons. The pay here may not be so high, but by working diligently as chefs, waiters and hostesses’ people can easily make their way to the top. This sector does not deem taking a drug test before hiring as essential. Side by side, benefits like healthcare, paid time off, employee discounts, paid training and tuition reimbursements are also offered. Food processing companies also provide a platform aiding felons to step up and start over. Convicts can work in the production line, maintenance, cleaning, and warehouse jobs. Manufacturing companies, retail chains, and delivery companies provide jobs in the manufacturing, packaging, storage, and transport of goods to miscreants. Communication and Airline sectors also provide jobs to courteous felons.

Almost all companies in the United States tend to Drug Test people before employing them. This is a major setback for recreational drug users. It should be remembered that there is a huge difference between drug addicts and people who use drugs for recreational purposes. Companies that don’t drug test before hiring are now becoming common in two states, Washington and Colorado after laws were passed that legalized cannabis on a recreational level. The mitigation of Drug Testing provides employers with an increased number of qualified job applicants. It also benefits job seekers, providing them with greater job opportunities. Companies in turn get incentives from the government in the form of work opportunity tax credits. Felons throughout the United States need not worry about getting a job and putting their lives on the mend.

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