11 Years Old NFT Artist Selim Samil Transfers His Drawings To Digital Media

May 31 03:42 2022

NFT Artist Selim Samil, 11 years old, is among the youngest names in the NFT world. Stating that he has been drawing since he was three years old and transferring his pictures to digital media, Samil said, “Drawing means being able to breathe for me. I have been developing myself in drawing since the age of three. With the virtual world coming to the fore, I believed I needed to take my place in the virtual world and adapt to the developing technology.”

Selim Samil, who stated that he wanted to bring his drawings to the forefront in the virtual world with NFT and that they are working on this subject, explained how they came to the fore in the digital environment. He said “You know NFT is the digitization of original and unique works. It is one of the most special points reached by technology. That is why NFT is of interest to many. Frankly, I wanted my drawings to come to the fore in digital environments, so I worked with my father on this. We uploaded my NFTs to the website Crypto.com. Although there was no activity, in the beginning, we saw that our expectations were met over time. This was a significant development for me. The fact that people like my work has frankly been the mainstay of my ability to do more.”

Drawing Is Identified with My Character

Stating that drawing sets him free, Selim Samil said that he has been trying to improve himself in drawing since an early age. He said “Ever since I was little, I was drawing everything I imagined, whatever I saw. Imagining was therefore something very special to me. Because I was able to put my imagination on paper and I got the chance to do more. It is stated that daydreaming has a significant impact on children. I wholeheartedly believe this. I feel free as I can dream, I feel happy as I can draw.”

Developing Skills is Crucial

Stating that people have different talents and these talents should be supported, Selim Samil said, “I am so lucky because I have a family that recognizes my talent and supports me. In addition, I implemented my idea of ​​presenting my drawings in the digital environment with my father Because my father believed in me and supported me in what I could do. With the strength I got from my father, I had the chance to develop myself even more. When I turned 10, I wanted to convert my drawings to digital. We have offered NFTs for sale on cyrpto.com. It made me happy that my drawings attracted attention. We opened an account called GetaNFT on the site, and in a short time, this account grew. We got the trademark registration of the brand and continued our work.”

The Virtual Universe Attracts Lots of People

Stating that the virtual universe has attracted the attention of many people lately, Selim Samil concluded his statements on the subject with the following: “The virtual universe is one of the pinnacles of technology. I can say that this universe, which contains different possibilities, attracts attention. The number of studies in this area seems to increase. What we have to do is to keep up with the developing technology and to revise our work with developments.”

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