Fight For Life Club will support Mateo to have the surgery that can save his liver and life.

May 31 03:03 2022
After the successful surgery of Valeria and Fatima’s health recovery Fight For Life Club scheduled Fatima for a second opportunity for her life-saving liver transplant and Mateo for a surgery to save his liver.

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Fight For Life Club and Dr. Manuel Rodriguez medical team had Fatima scheduled for her life-saving liver transplant surgery. Due to respiratory complications it was postponed. Valeria a second kid to be supported had a successful surgery that saved her liver. Valeria is now in condition to enjoy a normal life with much more quality than before.

Now Fatimas life-saving liver transplant has been scheduled and she is ready for the Fight of her Life. In this surgical mission a great medical team is going to travel to Mexico and a second life-saving surgery has been programed. 

Fight For Life Club will support Mateo. He needs an urgent surgery that can save his liver from being transplanted in the future. Only a qualified team like the one Dr. Manuel Rodriguez leads can make Fatima’s liver transplant and also perform the surgery for Mateo.

Fight For Life Club is a nonprofit institution that focuses primarily on providing financial support to low income persons who don’t have medical insurance to pay for their liver transplant surgery. The organization also goes one step further to train healthcare professionals that want to specialize in liver transplant surgery. This is in addition to promoting cultural and educational campaigns on organ donation and transplantation.

It is known than 1 kid in every 30,000 newborns will have a chronic liver disease. Fight For Life Club foundation wants the public to be aware of the problem and give these little babies that fight everyday with the disease to have a second chance to live.

Fight For Life Club encourages hearted and kind supporters to donate funds in order to save more lives. These kids have no option in life and they deserve a second chance to Fight for their lives!

Mateos time is running out and Fight For Life Club is asking for urgent support to raise funds needed to save Mateo’s life

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Donations can be made at  and access to the NFT gallery is through the same webpage. 

“Every person that owns one of these NFT´s is an exceptional human being. The uncommon and the rarest to find. They are giving a chance to one life-champion to win their fight and survive!” – Manuel Cadena

To know more about the organization, please follow them on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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