Houston Whiplash Treatment Network Offers Comprehensive Solutions For Whiplash Epidemic

May 30 23:27 2022
Houston-based Whiplash Provider Network is a group of multiple providers addressing victims of whiplash injuries. The group is paid directly by insurance companies, and no attorney is needed in many cases.

Whiplash Provider Network and Dr. Randolph are pleased to announce that the Houston Whiplash Treatment group offers an alternative to limited treatment and extended litigation following a whiplash injury accident. The network consists of multiple providers, including massage therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, pain specialists, and surgeons. The necessary diagnostic imaging sessions are also included. There is no out-of-pocket expense for the patient, as the insurance company pays the bills directly. State Law mandates that an insurance provider must cover all medically needed treatment within the scope of the policy.

The Whiplash Provider Network is a multi-disciplined network of health care providers working together to provide a comprehensive approach. The team members are trained in diagnosing, caring for, and treating all types of motor vehicle injuries. These include neck injuries and back injuries, as well as concussions and traumatic brain injuries. A high value is placed on abiding by the guidelines and standards of the Best Injury Practice Standards. The latest and most advanced diagnostic imaging is used to accurately identify the injury and apply active therapy to reduce recovery time.

More information is available at https://whiplashprovidernetwork.com/

The professionals believe that a team approach is the best way to deliver quality healthcare to patients, so the providers work together using their expertise to address the individual needs of each patient. In most cases, no attorney is needed. This benefits the accident since hiring an attorney reduces the amount of money available to pay for treatment, as well as pain and suffering, by as much as 30 to 45 percent. More serious cases may require representation by an attorney.

Whiplash injuries are a modern epidemic, with more than three million people injured annually. Of these victims, nearly half will develop chronic pain that lasts a lifetime. The leading cause of chronic pain is delaying treatment. Whiplash injuries are a real thing. It doesn’t require high speed to cause injuries.

About the Company: 

Whiplash Provider Network uses a multi-disciplinary approach to address the medical needs of vehicle accident victims. Whiplash injuries tend to be underdiagnosed, and delay can lead to lifelong chronic pain. Early identification and treatment help victims to return to normal life more quickly. 

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