STE DAO – Dedicated to Build the Most Secure and Reliable DAO in Community Governance

May 30 16:54 2022
Recently, SteDAO has launched global community cooperation to build intelligent networks, Web3.

In recent years, with the rapid growth of DeFi and NFT communities, it has been one of the main and direct challenges confronted by the community now that how people can carry out efficient, secure and reliable community governance.

On this occasion, new types of decentralized network DAOs have emerged, which delegate decision-making and benefit rights to all participants in DAOs in a fairer and more reasonable way, so as to stimulate people to initiatively build and contribute to the community. In addition, along with the rise of metaverse, Web3.0 gradually subverts Web2.0 from many angles, such as openness, privacy, common construction and new traffic model, and comes into the public view with the help of distributed technology (blockchain).

STE DAO is such a project product that is formed on this basis and in line with the new development trend of the times, and gradually received public attention. The core concept of STE DAO is established by a number of crypto elite members from all over the world, which includes upholding the values of inclusiveness, peace, transparency and freedom of expression, returning to the essence of crypto, allowing the real preachers and holders to gain greater rewards, and striving to build a Web3.0 global intelligent community integrated with DEX, Treasury, social media and NFT creation economy.

The intelligent social network, STE DAO, has three features different from traditional social networks: decentralized entrance, intelligent social nodes, and intelligent network, which can effectively protect user privacy and provide permanent and convenient buddy invitation. And the daily governance, incubation, and community development of STE DAO are all collaboratively completed by decentralized intelligent network members, which largely solves some problems in traditional social networks.

In addition, STE DAO also has a set of unique ideas in economic model. STE DAO is mainly based on five major creations: transparent allocation the total amount, STE DAO vault, promotion (which means mining), generous LP dividend reward, deflation destruction, solving critical difficulties in many aspects such as allocation mechanism, capital operation, promotion power, dividend reward, deflation destruction, which brings back the product essence.

STE DAO’s uniqueness makes the “STE DAO Consensus” possible. Although it is an anonymous project, many founders of Web3/DAO/Defi/NFT are willing to promote it. And the goal of “no project owner, everyone is a shareholder” has been creatively achieved. The founders are no longer able to interfere in the operation of the DAO, which further enhances the project stability.

It is worth noting that anyone can put forward suggestions of improvement and new projects from any perspective on the later community governance proposal. If the community adopt the proposal, the money in DAO vault will be invested to achieve secondary profit. In this respect, STE DAO is undoubtedly one of the best products for complete decentralization in 2022. As a product focusing on (DAO) decentralization, STE DAO can provide innovation plans for any community and protocols for profit distribution solutions. DAO works independently. Thanks to the transactions on the network, the DAO vault system can conduct daily weighted distributions of profits on the chain. This will be a very epochal social practice and will surely be a great achievement.

STE DAO is still on its way to cooperate with global communities to build the intelligent network, Web3, and speed up the construction of the best community governance DAO product with the feature of “global community + secure economic model + intelligent social network”.

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