Author Lanton Hamby brings a compelling tale about redemption and hope in “Kugelach Stones for a Dagger”

May 30 15:48 2022
An impressive historical fiction novel set in first-century Israel, “Kugelach Stones for a Dagger.” The tale is a person’s life story – full of loss, rejection, and abuse – and has a brief interaction with Christ along the way.

Author Lanton Hamby has released “Kugelach Stones for a Dagger,” a moving historical fiction that channels the story of Jesus Christ on Earth. 

Set in ancient Israel, the story follows Abijah, a young Jewish man who grows up in Israel with a very affectionate mom and a cold father. In the book, the main character is seeking redemption and strives to have his query answered: who is the Jewish Messiah? 

At a tender age, Abijah has wanted to explore what is arguably the most crucial question in human history. Abijah faces tragedy and neglect, pushing him to make several decisions that have him spiraling down the dark side. The book then dives into whether Abijah will find redemption and have the things he wanted to know, especially on who Jewish Messiah is, answered. 

In a review on Amazon, Grady Harp says Mr. Hamby’s book is a powerfully written adventure that youngsters will be able to follow eagerly.

“With that degree of respect for history and for introducing the reader into this time, Lanton Hamby has succeeded in writing a novel that youngsters, as well as adults, will find entertaining and enlightening,” Harp wrote.

Micah McKinnon, another reader, described the tale as “a powerful story about redemption and hope.”

“The main character, Abijah, is the perfect flawed protagonist, struggling his way through a series of events only to find himself faced with a choice—life or death. Lanton Hamby’s fresh take on this well-known Biblical character will not disappoint,” says Micah.

Lanton Hamby was born in 1966 and grew up in West Texas in the small community of Big Spring. In 1985, He heard the call and dedicated his life to Christ.

Mr. Hamby went to Texas Tech University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Marketing degree in 1988. After working in the business sector for almost a decade, Mr. Hamby decided to become a special education instructor, which led him to find his passion in working with both physically cognitively handicapped kids along with autistic and emotionally disturbed students. 

Ten years ago, he was meditating on a New Testament character and his interaction with Christ. He decided to write a short story about the man’s life. He merged his love for history and used both the Bible and the accounts of the Jewish historian Josephus to write a riveting, compelling and passionate story that follows the life of a man who seeks redemption.

Those who want to grab a copy of Kugelach Stones for a Dagger by Lanton Hamby may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.  

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