Santa Ana Tree Experts Uses Emergency Tree Removal to Open Up a Busy Road

May 28 04:14 2022


Santa Ana, California – When a storm appeared in Santa Ana last night, it did not leave the city without negative impacts. The storm broke one of the trees standing on Alex’s landscape and dropped it on a busy road. To get rid of the tree and open up the road for busy motorists, the homeowner reportedly worked with Santa Ana Tree Experts.


“The tree emergency was quite unexpected considering the tree had been stable and healthy earlier in the evening,” Alex told a group of reporters when explaining what made the emergency tree removal necessary. “However, a combination of heavy wind and a lightning strike were enough to drop the tree on the road. The lightning strike burned through the tree, compromising the wood structure while the wind drove the tree to the ground.”

The homeowner noted that his family was woken up by a loud bang in the middle of the night. When the homeowner went out, he was met by an angry car owner whose car almost suffered damage when the tree came down.

“The family was lucky because it was already 1 am and the road was mostly clear,” said the homeowner. “If the road had been busy, there would have been a very high likelihood that someone’s car would have been wrecked. What’s more, if the tree fell on a busy day on the road, it would have caused a traffic jam.”

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To ensure that the tree did not cause a traffic jam the next morning, Alex reportedly decided to call Santa Ana Tree Experts immediately. The homeowner had been using the company for years and already knew that it had an emergency response team that operated on a 24/7 basis.

“When the family called the Santa Ana Tree Experts offices,” said Alex, “someone received the call immediately. The company promised to be on the emergency site in less than 30 minutes. The customer support agent on the other end of the line indicated that he understood the risk the tree had placed on the road.”

Santa Ana Tree Experts reportedly kept its promise. Alex had reportedly called its offices at 1:06 am and the team arrived on his landscape at 1:26 am.

“On arriving,” said Alex, “the team studied the tree and then immediately went to work. The company split the tree trunk into smaller manageable chunks. These were then lifted by the crane and placed on the landscape to open up the road.”

Alex was surprised to learn that the Santa Ana emergency tree removal team took less than 40 minutes to cut up the tree and lift it off the road.

“Several car owners had arrived as the tree removal was happening,” said the homeowner. “However, none of these travelers was annoyed because a tree had slowed down their journey. The team of tree cutting professionals in Santa Ana was way too fun to talk to and watch. The drivers enjoyed conversing with the company.”

After lifting the tree off the road, Alex noted that the company went ahead and worked on the tree stump. The stump was removed together with its roots to prepare the landscape for a tree replanting procedure. Later, the company cleaned the landscape.

“Santa Ana Tree Experts charged a very affordable tree maintenance cost,” said Alex. “Although the tree removal team in Santa Ana had to spend the night awake, its charges fit into the family’s budget perfectly.”

Santa Ana Tree Experts offices are located at 3861 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States. The company’s customers, however, reach it at +1 949-359-8204 and [email protected]

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