LA innovative shirtmaking company launches premium tailored dress shirts on Kickstarter at affordable prices

May 28 02:36 2022
Wolper is all set to revolutionize the dress shirt scene by offering the highest quality gentlemen’s dress shirts at affordable prices and a faster, more convenient online tailoring service.

Premium tailored dress shirts have been exorbitantly pricey and almost unaffordable for many, until now. An LA-based innovative shirtmaker, Wolper, has recently launched a once-off collection of luxe dress shirts for modern gentlemen on Kickstarter that offers high-quality handmade and tailored dress shirts without the expensive price tag. The company is soon to extend online tailoring services for gentlemen as well.

The campaign is geared to raise around $10,000 by June 23, 2022, and is nearly at its funding goal. New backers are encouraged to pledge to reach the finish line. 

Wolper has been launched to resolve the 3 major problems existing in the contemporary dress shirt tailoring industry- exorbitant cost, time-consuming tailoring process, and low quality (for cheap rates). Moreover, size and style options are limited as well.

Wolper addresses the problems by introducing a one-off collection of elegant hand-made dress shirts crafted from the finest Italian fabrics, backed by premium tailoring and personalization opportunities. The Wolper collection also brings in more size and style options compared to what is available with regular premium dress shirts for men.

“Your wardrobe plays a key role in defining your image and impression- there is no way you can cut slack on the quality of your wear. But, there is no denying the fact that premium dress shirts are extremely pricey and those that are low in cost cannot assure the desired sophistication. Also, you need the perfect fit to look your best in your dress shirt, and to squeeze time out for the traditional tailoring process is quite a task in the modern busy world. This is where our unique Wolper collection comes to help”, stated Aziz Kafeel, the CEO of Wolper.

“Our Wolper dress shirts assure the highest quality hand-made dress shirts at prices that comfortably fit your budget. All our shirts have to undergo rigorous quality control procedures under the strict scrutiny of our CPO who has been a Master Tailor since 1984.”

The once-off Wolper handmade premium dress shirt collection comprises 8 shirts, each with a different design for various kinds of occasions. From corporate meetings to parties, the collection has dress shirts for all. Customers have the option to embroider name initials on the shirts for a personalized touch. The shirts are available in a wide range of standard sizes.

Mr. Kafeel mentioned their online tailoring service that is designed to relieve modern men of the traditional, time-consuming tailoring process. By offering a faster and more comfortable tailoring solution that can be conveniently done from home, Wolper has come up with a specialized algorithm that is intelligently engineered to help design exclusively tailored shirts for customers. Wolper is equipped to deliver high-quality dress shirts for any body type and any size, including larger sizes than those available with regular brands.

“At Wolper, we are driven by the mission to revolutionize the dated tailored dress shirt-making industry by offering full control to customers over design and fitment. Our shirts are extremely elegant, made of the finest fabrics, highly durable, allow easy customization options, offer faster and more comfortable tailoring facilities- and are also available in a larger range of sizes and at affordable rates. As of now, we are looking forward to launching our once-off collection and commencing our innovative online tailoring service. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the Wolper ethos and goals to life and make things more convenient, comfortable, and affordable in the dress shirt-making scene.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on the Wolper launch collection. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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