Share Life’s Best Moments Exactly Where They Happened with Pinity

May 27 22:09 2022
The Pinity app is finally live on the App Store and Google Play.

The world is meant to be explored. And in visiting different places and parts of the world, people leave behind not just footprints but also memories that can last a lifetime. Today, a new app called Pinity makes it possible to connect those memories to one particular place – forever.

Now available on the App Store and Google Play, Pinity is all about “connecting your favorite moments to the places you love.” It allows people to create and pin memories to specific locations, which can then be unlocked by friends when they are nearby. More particularly, these memories can only be viewed in one specific location, and only by the people one chooses.

Pinity is also the perfect app for people who want to discover new places and experiences. Adventurers can leave pins for friends to find, and discover who might be leaving a special message for them as well. Whether it’s taking a hike or a walk on the beach, exploring a city, or taking in a concert, Pinity users can drop a pin and encourage their friends to share their experience at that exact location.

The Pinity home screen will automatically display any pins available at a user’s current location. People can also search for nearby pins based on tags, dates, and users. Not to mention they get to discover new creators and interact with them in a whole new way.

With Pinity, businesses also have a brand new way to connect with customers. Local retail now has direct access to the foot traffic passing right by their window. Imagine the restaurant owner who wants to share tonight’s specials, the shoe store that has a last minute sale, or the coffee shop that simply wants to say “thanks for stopping by.” It’s all possible with Pinity.

Historians and photographers can also benefit from Pinity’s features. Whether it’s a famous speech, a developing city, or an iconic sports highlight, these historic events can be viewed and enjoyed through someone else’s perspective – creating a truly virtual time capsule for the world to discover!

Photographers, on the other hand, can utilize the app as a new platform to share their work. They can pin their photos to places like wedding venues, favorite nature spots, and popular places for family photo shoots, among others – offering endless opportunities for their audience to discover and connect with them.

Pinning photos to special places for friends and family to unlock has never been easier. From childhood homes and favorite vacation spots to places with sentimental value, Pinity can bring back memories of places that are close to one’s heart.

Explore the endless possibilities offered by Pinity. For more information about Pinity, visit their website at

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Pinity is an app that allows people to create and pin memories to specific locations.

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