Greenwerks Seeks Partners For Its Global Expansion

May 27 17:26 2022
Greenwerks Seeks Partners For Its Global Expansion
Greenwerks is planning to expand with new construction projects, advanced healing centers and, advanced technology commercialization to solve global problems

Greenwerks is a U.S.-based infrastructure development company and parent holding that provides highly innovative “environmental-friendly” solutions and products to both domestic and international markets.

The Company has already broken ground by developing brand new technologies and services that have the potential to make new emerging markets and solve global problems. After, raising over $63.45MM through international bond funding and private investments in 2022, Greenwerks’ expects to scale quickly, projecting 2023 revenue and EBITDA at +US$750MM, U.S. at +US$350MM respectfully.

Greenwerks is positioning itself to have control of its seed-to-sale supply chain from on-site residual energy generation to science-based, alternative medicine prescribing clinics and advanced nutraceutical retail sales. Through breakthrough research, scientists at Greenwerks developed a patent-pending “all natural liquid compound scientifically proven to eliminate diseases on contact within seconds”, along with human sense-enhancing technologies and natural products that can solve human nutrient deficiency problems.

A government-certified subsidiary partner organization specializing in advanced infrastructure, government, construction, environmental management, and disaster remediation solutions was acquired by Greenwerks in 2021.

After acquiring a cannabis licensed company, planning to obtain more licenses, and partnering with a company with multiple government solicitation certifications has progressive, forward-thinking infrastructure development plans for the U.S government. “Greenwerks plans to leverage its subsidiaries, U.S. indigenous Native American partnership projects to maximize profits, maximize grants opportunities, minimize overhead business expenses and help solve some world problems”, according to CEO Damon Mason.

Greenwerks’ subsidiary company already has support from State and Federal governments through its certifications to solicit U.S. Government Purchase Agents, local governments, and foreign U.S. allies abroad. Greenwerks has developed revolutionary products and technical services to help forward-thinking world leaders solve problems our world faces today. Greenwerks’, government certified company is seeking multi-million dollar government contract awards and new certifications for mass purchase orders. 

The Company has developed remarkable technologies and technical services to combat climate change disaster problems, create new aerospace technologies, and technologies that could potentially lead to new rapid mass global transportation systems. Also, the Company is actively working with indigenous peoples to establish advanced healing centers and power grids on native American-owned lands by utilizing its revolutionary power generation technologies. It also plans to provide inexpensive energy to states, world governments, and world leaders.

In 2022, Greenwerks and its subsidiaries plan to apply for federal and state government grants totaling US$15MM and U.S. government backed financing through its subsidiary with government solicitation certifications. States and governments worldwide invest trillions of dollars into early-stage clean technology companies like Greenwerks and its subsidiaries.

The Company plans to help states, world governments, federal governments, American businesses, and Native American communities solve environmental disasters, energy crisis, supply chain problems, economic development issues, and global humanitarian concerns.

Greenwerks is currently seeking new sponsors and partnerships.

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