Bakersfield Tree Service Uses Tree Pruning to Help Commercial Property Owner End Tenant Complaints

May 27 20:51 2022


Bakersfield, California – After years of ignoring the trees standing on his rental properties in Bakersfield, Julius started receiving complaints from his tenants. Yesterday, the property owner, however, was able to eliminate the complaints by simply employing the services offered by Bakersfield Tree Service.


“The complaints that were coming from the tenants were all over the place,” said Julius. “Some tenants were complaining that the trees were blocking their view while others were unamused by the fact that the trees made the entire landscape look unattractive. However, the complaint that caught the family’s attention is when one of the tenants called to report that a branch had fallen unexpectedly from one of the trees. This was an indicator that the trees had become unsafe.”

Julius had reportedly ignored his rental property for more than 10 years. The trees standing on the landscape had developed overgrown crowns and most of them were on their way to turning into hazards.

“One thing that the family has always tried its best to maintain is safety,” said Julius. “Therefore, when a homeowner called to report that one of the trees had dropped a branch, the family decided to immediately organize a tree improvement procedure.”

Julius had reportedly been using Bakersfield Tree Service for years. From the experience he had enjoyed with the company, the homeowner knew that its Bakersfield tree pruning team would ensure his commercial property tree improvement project was handled properly.

“When the family contacted Bakersfield Tree Service,” said Julius, “the goal was not to ask for the cost of the tree maintenance procedure. The family did not have any money problems and everyone—including the wife and the kids—was willing to spend a premium amount for good results. When the wife called the team, the goal was to set a tree trimming date.”

Bakersfield Tree Service was reportedly open yesterday when Julius’s wife called. The team reportedly visited the landscape and inspected the trees before giving the property owner a cost estimate.

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“Even though Bakersfield Tree Service would be working on trees that had not received any care in a long time,” said Julius, “the company’s team of tree cutting professionals was more than happy to charge the family a very affordable fee. When the actual quotation was sent via email, it was more than 30% cheaper than what the family had expected to spend.”

Julius reportedly gave the Bakersfield Tree Service team a go-ahead on the same day they sent the tree service quotation. The company reportedly initiated the tree pruning procedure yesterday at around 11 am and was done by 7 pm.

“Since the company left when it was already too dark for anyone to see clearly,” said Julius, “the family did not visit the site to see the results. However, based on past experiences with Bakersfield Tree Service, everyone knew that the company had delivered maximum benefits on the landscape.”

Julius reportedly visited his commercial property earlier today. The property owner was mind-blown when he saw what the Bakersfield team of tree cutting professionals had done with the trees. The company reportedly had not just focused on improving the tree’s safety—the team had also reduced overcrowding on the tree crowns to open up the property. Also, the trees had been improved in a way that gave the entire landscape a very attractive appearance. The commercial property owner noted that his tenants were more than impressed with the trees.

Bakersfield Tree Service organizes its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation at 2511 M St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 661-231-6160 and [email protected]

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