Over 550 Ton Injection Molding Machines Certified Circulation Across Europe

May 27 16:44 2022

Among the most crucial and reasonable forming technologies for manufacturing plastic materials is the 550-ton injection molding machine (IMM) manufactured by YUMOTO machinery. A company that has been in existence since 2001, Origin from Japan, rooted in China to serve the world.

The equipment industry, which is eager to take on developments and integrate these advancements into plastic molded items, has played a significant role in this evolution. The hybrid and all-electric IMMs are the most recent examples. A primary priority is finding more reasonable ways to process the infinite fresh plastics that get invented and produce more cost-effective goods. This is what makes Yumoto machinery Injection moulding machine in china feasible.

Process Innovation In Recent Years

For many years, product innovation has been the only source of new ideas, such as decreasing the quantity of molded product components by rendering them multifunctional or maximizing the qualities of the material. Process innovation, on the other hand, has risen to prominence in recent years.

The latter contains all tools for tightening, restructuring, and optimizing the process. Every action gets aimed at making the best use of production objects, a concept that must be followed throughout the process, from raw materials to the finished product. This trends maps out the quality of Yumoto machinery as an injection molding machine manufacturer

Working Of Injection Molding Machines

Injection molding is a manufacturing technique that enables the large-scale production of items. Hence, the Injection molding plastic process involves injecting molten materials into a mold. Inside the injection molding machines, the plastic gets heated until it becomes liquid in the molding machine.

Then, the melted plastic gets injected into the mold via the injection molding machine’s nozzle (injection pressure). The plastic liquid has now been poured into the mold’s cavity. After then, it will cool down and solidify. An injection moulding machine plastic is an example of what is formed.

Qualities Of 550 Ton Injection Molding Machines

Some of the main features of 550-ton injection molding machines are:

  • There is plenty of room for upgrades and retrofits.  It not only fits the current needs of the clients but also provides more options for future manufacturing.
  • It has Ejector construction of the European type.  It provides more space and is simple to maintain.
  • On the tie-bar, ejector, and movable platen, graphite-copper bushes and sliders get employed. It ensures that molds are closed and opened quickly and precisely.
  • It has mechanical construction and toggling system that is well designed.  It reduces the length of the production cycle and increases the production efficiency.
  • There is a distance between tie bars.  It must get used with larger molds and multi-cavity molds.
  • It has longer guide lengths, as well as increased precision.  It extends mold life and increases product quality.
  • The 550-ton injection molding machine has a mechanical system with high stiffness. It protects the mold and extends the life of the machines.

Requirement of Equipment

Even though the current 550 tons IMM is certified to have circulation across Europe and is capable of performing versatile jobs, it still requires a slew of equipment to provide the required level of flexibility.

  • Supply system of raw material.
  • Mold transport facilities.
  • Mold preheating banks.
  • Mold-changing gadgets, such as coupling equipment and rapid clamping
  • Plasticizer-cylinder-changing devices.
  • Equipment for handling molded-product, such as robots allows adaptation to numerous types of production.
  • Systems of transport for final products and the ability to handle equipment to move products on to the next processes.

Shapes and Sizes of IMM

IMMs come in various shapes and sizes to fulfill a variety of product and cost-of-production needs. Single horizontal clamping units with two-stage revolving plasticizers are the most common.

They have injection capacities (shot sizes) ranging from within 1 ounce to 400 oz. and clamp tonnage ranging from within an ounce to 10,000 tons. Clamping speed, clamp stroke, maximum daylight, plasticizing capacity, injection speed, injection pressure, etc. are all elements to consider when specifying an IMM.

Summing Up!

Finally, we can say that this technology of injection molding machines gets used in various industries, including aircraft, medical equipment, and automotive. When you consider the many advantages of injection molding, it’s easy to see why thousands of companies in some of the world’s most demanding sectors use it to bring their part ideas to reality which inturn makes the sale of Plastic injection molding machine equitable.

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