Nashville Tree Experts Uses Tree Trimming to Clear Road Visibility

May 27 20:30 2022


Nashville, Tennessee – Nashville Tree Experts spent the whole of yesterday working on trees standing next to a very busy road. Standing on Leila’s landscape, these trees had grown to a point where they were blocking visibility on the neighboring road.


“Originally,” said Leila when talking to a group of reporters, “the husband wanted to use these trees as a privacy screen. When the family first bought this home for the first time, the husband selected the planting trees based on their ability to grow thick branches from very close to the ground.”

Leila noted that the trees were doing extremely well for the first 15 years. However, as the trees approached maturity, their branches started growing over the road neighboring her home.

“When the trees started blocking visibility on the road,” said the homeowner, “the family realized that something had to be done immediately. While having a privacy screen on the landscape was a good thing, it was even better to take the necessary measures to eliminate the risk of accidents.”

Leila reportedly called Nashville Tree Experts looking for advice on how to clear the road and still enjoy her privacy.

“The company sent a tree trimming professional to inspect the trees and recommend a solution,” said Leila. “After inspecting the trees, the professional concluded that the entire crown had to be lifted. The professional argued that cutting branches from just one side of the tree could easily worsen the tree’s health. He added that with time, this could easily kill the trees.”

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Leila noted that since she did not want to lose her trees or cause accidents, she decided to hire the company for a tree trimming procedure.

“The company arrived very early yesterday to work on more than 20 trees that stand next to the road,” said Leila. “The Nashville Tree Trimming team brought advanced machines to make the entire procedure easy. The company’s head of field operation noted that the bucket truck would eliminate the need to climb up the trees manually—this would reportedly lower the time needed to complete the tree trimming procedure.”

Leila reportedly took a break from work to watch the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Nashville working on the trees. The homeowner was particularly interested in seeing how the company would lower the cut branches without causing property damage.

“Nashville Tree Experts tied each branch with ropes before cutting it,” said the homeowner. “Once a branch was cut, it was slowly lowered down using the ropes. Working in groups, the team of professional tree trimmers eliminated the risk of property damage and also eliminated the need to worry about dropping branches dropping on the busy road.”

Leila was impressed when he learned that the company would complete the entire tree trimming procedure in a single day.

“To the family,” said Leila, “the tree trimming procedure appeared too big. Trimming twenty trees that stand at a height of more than 50 feet with a similar width appeared extremely complicated. The family expected the company’s team of tree service professionals to spend at least two days on the landscape. However, using it’s years of experience, the company concluded the entire procedure in less than 10 hours.”

When reporters asked Leila whether she was satisfied with the price charged for the tree trimming procedure, the homeowner reported that she would recommend Nashville Tree Experts to any homeowner operating under a budget. The company reportedly charged the homeowner just 60% of what she had set aside for the tree trimming procedure.

Nashville Tree Experts has its base of operation at 100 Powell Pl, Nashville, TN 37204, United States. The company notes that it can be contacted via +1 615-845-5214 and [email protected]

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