Jacksonville Tree Service Experts Reduces Tree Trimming Prices to Help a Homeowner Operating Under a Budget

May 27 20:27 2022


Jacksonville, Florida – A company that has always focused on offering affordable services, Jacksonville Tree Service Experts helped a homeowner trim all his trees without breaking his bank account. The homeowner—Mr. Maxwell Oliver—had reportedly told the tree service company that if he could not afford professional tree trimming, he would have to handle the tree trimming procedure as a DIY project.


“Formed to ensure homeowners are giving their trees the best care,” said the Jacksonville Tree Service Experts CEO, “the company could not let the homeowner damage his trees. In the past, the company has come across homeowners who decided to turn tree trimming into DIY procedures and ended up with damaged trees.”

The CEO added that in addition to DIY tree services damaging trees, they also cause property damage and injuries.

“Without the right safety tools,” said the CEO, “homeowners risk falling from the tee crown and landing tens of feet on hard ground. If these homeowners are unlucky and their cutting tool ends up following them down, they end up with both broken bones and deep cuts. Treating these injuries not only keeps the homeowners from being productive but also takes a lot of money from the bank account.”

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The CEO noted that when homeowners are trimming trees standing close to utilities, they risk causing significant damage to their homes.

“When working alone on trees,” said the CEO, “the chances of branches dropping on the utilities under the tree are very high. The homeowner, when handling trimming alone, cannot control the branch falling path. The damage that results from heavy branches can force the homeowner to spend thousands of dollars on repairs.”

The CEO noted that his company was not about to leave a homeowner who was already short in cash with a tree maintenance procedure that could force him to spend more money.

“When the chief of field operations called to ask whether to leave the landscape without handling tree trimming,” said the CEO, “the company had to tell him to adjust the prices and offer what the client considered affordable.”

A group of reporters decided to contact Maxwell to see if he was satisfied with the tee trimming procedure. The homeowner was more than willing to welcome the reporters to his home and even show them the trees that Jacksonville Tree Service Experts had worked on.

“The family has had a court case since last summer,” said Maxwell. “The family has been fighting to keep this landscape from the hands of a tycoon who wanted to buy it and rent it out. By the time the court case ended, the family had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the legal fees.”

The homeowner noted that by the time he needed tree trimming, he was still short on cash. He noted that he was impressed when the Jacksonville tree trimming team decided to make his procedure affordable.

“The company did a very thorough job on the trees despite the low tree trimming cost,” Maxwell told the reporters. “The company did not just work to eliminate risky branches on the tree crowns—its team also worked hard to improve the appearance of the trees. What’s more, the team of tree cutting professionals in Jacksonville went ahead and cleaned the landscape after the tree maintenance procedure. By the time the company was leaving, the home looked good both on the tree crowns and the ground below the trees.”

Jacksonville Tree Service Experts operates from its base located at 14382 Pelican Bay Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States. The company, however, can be contacted by homeowners at +1 904-867-3524 and [email protected]

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