Tree Experts Orlando Uses Tree Pruning to Fix a Risky Oak Tree

May 27 20:00 2022


Orlando, Florida – After years of having a white oak on his commercial property, Samuel Oliver almost removed the tree from his landscape last week. The homeowner reportedly started contemplating the tree’s removal after its branches started dropping in front of his business’s door.


“When a tree starts dropping branches and increasing the risk of property damage,” said Samuel, “getting rid of the tree becomes imperative. Last week, the tree dropped a large branch that almost shattered the display windows. The week before, the tree had dropped a branch as a customer was coming out of the shop—if the branch had landed on the customer, this could have been his ticket to hospital for at least a few months.”

Samuel Oliver had reportedly used Tree Experts Orlando several times on his residential property. Samuel just hadn’t tried the company on a commercial property. When the homeowner contacted Tree Experts Orlando looking for help with the white oak on his commercial landscape, his goal was to get rid of the tree. While the tree had been beneficial to the landscape for years, the homeowner did not want to risk suffering extreme property damage from the tree.

“When the family called Tree Experts Orlando and requested help with the white oak,” said Samuel, “the company sent a professional on the same day to inspect the tree. The professional surprised the family when he confirmed that it was possible to save the tree with tree trimming.”

According to the property owner, the Tree Experts Orlando professional confirmed that the reason the tree was having problems is that it had been a long time before someone improved its crown. The tree had reportedly developed too many damaged branches. These were detaching from the main trunk and dropping unexpectedly.

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“The family had set aside $3,000 for the oak tree removal procedure,” said Samuel Oliver. “The white oak was already 80 feet tall, with a similar width, and was standing next to the building. This meant that bringing the tree down would be complicated. This made the family believe that the tree removal procedure would be costly.”

According to Samuel, when the tree maintenance procedure went from tree removal to tree pruning, the cost of the procedure reduced significantly. According to the property owner, the cost went from his estimate of $3,000 to less than $1,000—the homeowner ended up spending just $800 on the project.

“One thing that has made Tree Experts Orlando the go-to company for all the family’s procedures is the fact that it maintains affordable prices and does a very immaculate job despite charging the low prices,” said Samuel. “The company’s tree service team in Orlando arrived the next day on the commercial property to work on the tree before the business opened.”

The property owner noted that Tree Experts Orlando was very focused on ensuring he did not close his business because of a mere tree pruning procedure. According to Samuel, the company arrived on his landscape at 6 am and was done with the tree pruning procedure by 8 am when his business opened.

“The company did a very good job,” said Samuel. “In addition to eliminating all the risky branches from the tree crown, the team of tree trimming professionals in Orlando also went ahead and improved the appearance of the tree. The family ended up getting double benefits for one low fee.”

Tree Experts Orlando reportedly planned Samuel’s tree pruning procedure from its base at 10802 Satellite Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 321-340-2817 and [email protected]

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