Atlanta Tree Service Experts Handles First Emergency Tree Removal Procedure Outside City Limits

May 27 19:48 2022


Atlanta, Georgia – Although Atlanta Tree Service Experts has been offering emergency tree services for more than 20 years, the company has never handled a tree emergency outside the boundaries of Atlanta. Earlier today, however, the company decided to help a homeowner outside the city’s limits.


“When Robert called the company’s offices at around 4 am,” said the company’s CEO, “he mentioned that his tree was leaning dangerously over his house. He added that if the tree was ignored, the resulting damage would cost him over $20,000 to fix. When the customer support team mentioned that the company does not handle tree emergencies outside the city boundaries, the homeowner insisted that he was willing to pay extra to cover the company’s needs.”

The CEO reportedly decided to take on Robert’s project after learning that the homeowner was living in an area that did not offer 24/7 emergency tree services.

“Robert noted that he had performed a thorough online research trying to locate a team in his area that would handle the emergency tree removal,” said the Atlanta Tree Service Experts CEO. “He had lost hope when he came across the company’s Google My Business page and realized that the company’s emergency tree service team in Atlanta operates on a 24/7 basis when it comes to emergencies. This made the homeowner pick up his phone immediately and dial the company number.”

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The team reportedly left Atlanta at around 4:15 am—just 15 minutes after receiving the call from Robert. The company arrived on Robert’s landscape in Peachtree City at around 5:03 pm.

“When the team arrived on Robert’s landscape,” said the chief of field operations, “it understood why the homeowner was very desperate about getting immediate help. The tree was leaning very dangerously over his $4 million house. If the 150-foot white pine landed on the house—which was not insured—the resulting damage would have cost the homeowner much more than the $20,000 he had estimated.”

On arriving on Robert’s landscape, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals initiated the tree removal procedure immediately.

“The crane operator first attached the tree to the crane to keep it from falling unexpectedly,” said the chief of field operations, “The fact that the tree was already compromised meant that the team could not initiate the tree removal procedure without putting some form of support in place.”

The chief of field operations proceeded to lift the tree off the smaller trees that had kept it from landing on the house when the storm broke it. Using the crane to adjust the tree’s falling path, the company went ahead and cut the tree’s base.

“The crane operator made the emergency tree removal procedure extremely easy,” said the chief of field operations. “Just an hour after arriving on Robert’s landscape, the tree that had been bothering him was on the ground. The team was already working to split it into smaller portions so that they could it take to the dumpsite.”

Reporters contacted the Atlanta Tree Service Experts CEO to learn whether the company was willing to handle more emergency tree service procedures outside the city’s boundaries.

“Robert’s emergency tree removal procedure was an eye-opener,” said the CEO. “Right now, the company is currently finalizing plans that will allow the tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree service teams to handle procedures in suburbs like Alpharetta, Bufford, Johns Creek, Duluth, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, and more.”

Atlanta Tree Service Experts will be planning emergency tree service procedures from its base of operation located at 805 Antone St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States. Homeowners, however, can request the company’s services at any time by dialing +1 404-224-9458 or sending an email to [email protected]

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