Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks Plants New Tree on Its Office Grounds to Commemorate 25th Year in Business

May 27 19:36 2022


Fair Oaks, California – A company that has always worked hard to ensure Fair Oaks has a healthy urban forest, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks yesterday planted an oak tree on its office ground to mark its 25th year in the tree service industry.


“When Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks was established more than 2.5 decades ago,” said the company’s CEO, “the goal was to ensure this city’s urban forest remains healthy. This goal has not changed. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals is still working towards making Fair Oaks the city in California with the biggest tree canopy cover.”

The CEO noted that the oak tree planting was part of communicating the importance of expanding the city’s urban forest.

“Walking around the city gives the impression that Fair Oaks has enough trees,” said the Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks CEO, “however, this is not the case in all corners of Fair Oaks. Some parts of the city have very minimal tree coverage. This means that the city needs to work much harder to expand its tree canopy cover. If every property owner in this city commits to planting at least one tree every month, the city would be in a much better position within the next few years.”

The CEO noted that his company currently has plans of adding more trees to other parts of Fair oaks. He added that the oak tree planted on company grounds was just the beginning.

To learn more about how Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks is protecting urban forests, visit the company’s website:

“The company understands that planting a single tree may not have a significant impact on a city that boasts a land area of 29.12 km²,” said the CEO, “However, the good news is that this is not the only tree that will be planted today to mark the company’s 25th birthday. The company has already donated 24 trees to homeowners with enough space to accommodate new trees. These trees will also be planted today. Therefore, to mark its 25th birthday, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks will have a hand in planting 25 trees.”

The CEO added that his company’s team will work with homeowners to ensure that the newly planted trees reach maturity healthy.

“When it comes to maintaining a healthy urban forest cover,” said the CEO, “tree planting is just one part of the equation. The next part is ensuring that these trees survive to reach maturity. To ensure the trees reach maturity healthy, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks will have to work with homeowners through every stage of the tree growth.”

The CEO noted that his company will handle tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree treatment. He indicated that to ensure all homeowners were accessing these services, his company would offer more affordable prices.

“In the years that the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Fair Oaks has handled tree maintenance procedures in this region,” said the CEO, “one thing has come to the company’s attention: when homeowners cannot afford professional services, they turn to DIY tree service. While DIY tree service may appear to be all about saving money, it causes a lot of losses. For starters, DIY tree services can cause significant injuries, property damages, and irreparable tree damage.”

The CEO noted that to avoid the problems often associated with DIY tree service in Fair Oaks, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks will reduce its tree service price. He added that his company will be charging prices that won’t force homeowners to break their bank accounts.

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks has its base of operation at 4790 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628, United States. The company, however, can be reached remotely at +1 916-5367-962 and [email protected]

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