Lincoln Tree Service Pros Expands Its Emergency Tree Removal Team

May 27 19:30 2022


Lincoln, California – After turning into the go-to company for emergency tree services, Lincoln Tree Service Pros has decided to expand its tree removal team. Earlier this morning, the company’s CEO confirmed that he has already interviewed a group of 10 new hires who will be joining the company starting next week on Monday.


“It is not uncommon for Lincoln Tree Service Pros to receive multiple emergency tree removal requests,” said the company’s CEO. “Since emergency tree removal procedures require immediate attention, forcing some homeowners to wait as the company handles other emergencies hasn’t always been the right thing to do. So far the company has been extremely lucky—none of the customers the company asked to wait have suffered property damage. However, the fact is that property damage can happen at any time when a tree losses its stability.”

The CEO indicated that his goal of expanding his emergency tree removal team was to ensure that his company is capable of handling multiple emergency procedures at the same time.

“After researching to determine the most ideal number for professionals on an emergency team,” said the CEO, “the company concluded that a team of 5 people can complete an emergency tree removal procedure easily.”

The CEO noted that his company currently has a team of 20 professionals dedicated to handling tree emergencies in Lincoln and suburbs like Rocklin, Penryn, Loomis, Newcastle, Sheridan, Roseville, Granite Bay, and North Auburn. The CEO indicated that this team will be divided into 4 groups each carrying a maximum of 5 people.

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“With 4 teams filled with expert emergency tree service providers,” said the Lincoln Tree Service Pros CEO, “the company can handle up to 4 emergency tree service procedures simultaneously. This means that customers will no longer need to wait longer than they need to before getting help.”

The CEO noted that his company is currently working hard to purchase more tree maintenance machines. According to the CEO, Lincoln Tree Service Pros currently owns one bucket truck and two cranes. The CEO indicated that for the company to be in a position where it can handle multiple tree maintenance services simultaneously, it will need to add more tools to its inventory.

“The company will add 3 bucket trucks and two cranes to its inventory,” said the CEO, “the goal of doing this is to ensure each team has its tools. This is to ensure when multiple emergency tree service requests are sent to the office, the teams won’t have to wait for each other due to the lack of tools.”

The CEO mentioned that the company is planning to bring in the necessary machines and tools in the next month.

“The company hopes that within the next thirty days,” said the CEO, “the emergency tree service team won’t have to deal with multiple emergencies. However, if these emergencies arise, the company will handle them. All the company will have to do is rent additional cranes and bucket trucks from the local depot. While renting will require more money, the company will do everything in its power to ensure homeowners do not suffer property damage.”

With the new emergency tree service arrangement, Lincoln Tree Service Pros reports that it now can respond to emergency tree service requests less than an hour after receiving the call. The CEO also maintains that people who request tree trimming, tree pruning, and normal tree removal will be getting the service on the same day they request it.

Lincoln Tree Service Pros has its base of operation at 112 Flocchini Cir, Lincoln, CA 95648, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 916-304-1599 and [email protected]

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