San Marcos Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Transplant Mature Tree to a New Location

May 27 19:18 2022


San Marcos, California – When Nancy contacted San Marcos Tree Service Experts to request a tree removal procedure, the homeowner was finalizing her plans for a new swimming pool. The 50-foot oak tree was standing in the position where she had selected for the swimming pool.


“After obtaining a tree removal permit,” said Nancy, “the family was ready to get rid of the tree and forget about it. However, luckily for the family, a close friend recommended San Marcos Tree Service Experts. The company helped save the tree and cleared the space for the new swimming pool.”

The homeowner was surprised when the team of tree cutting professionals in San Marcos recommended moving the tree from its current location to a new location. The homeowner did not believe that this was possible until she saw it happen.

“San Marcos brought an advanced tree maintenance tool that the family had never seen before,” said Nancy. “After choosing an empty spot on the landscape and asking whether the oak tree could be moved to the space, the team used the machine to drill a very deep hole. The hole was deep so that it could accommodate the oak tree roots.”

The homeowner noted that after drilling the hole, San Marcos Tree Service Experts used the machine to lift the oak tree out of the ground together with its roots.

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“Compared to drilling the transplanting hole,” said Nancy, “lifting the tree off the ground was harder. However, working hard and taking advantage of its years of experience, the company went deep enough to ensure all the vital roots were lifted intact on the tree. The machine later carried the entire tree to its new planting location and put it in the hole.”

According to Nancy, San Marcos Tree Service Experts worked with an arborist to ensure the tree would survive the transplanting procedure. After putting the tree in the new location, San Marcos Tree Service Experts reportedly combined the refilling soil with nutrients and watered the tree. Nancy noted that the arborist told her to keep watering the tree every morning and evening.

“It has already been 3 days and signs of the tree establishing itself and getting comfortable in its new location are showing,” said Nancy. “The leaves are regaining their green color and the tree looks much happier.”

Nancy noted that after transplanting the tree to the new location, San Marcos Tree Service Experts helped her refill the hole created by the machine after removing the tree. The company filled the hole to reduce the risk of accidents in Nancy’s compound.

“The family was expecting to pay an incredibly high price for the tree transplanting procedure,” said Nancy. “The family, however, was surprised by how affordable the entire procedure was. The company’s CEO indicated that his company was established to maintain the San Marcos urban forest. He noted that every time his team saves a tree, he considers this a significant achievement. He went on to offer the family a good discount for allowing tree transplanting.”

Nancy is reportedly planning to hire San Marcos Tree Service Experts for a different tree maintenance procedure. According to the homeowner, in the next few weeks, the company’s tree service professionals in San Marcos will be back on her landscape improving her curb appeal.

San Marcos Tree Service Experts plans all its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation located at 1255 Stone Dr, San Marcos, CA 92078, United States. The company, however, indicates that customers interested in its services can contact its offices at +1 442-280-7601 and [email protected]

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