Sacramento Tree Professionals Helps Homeowner Meet City’s Tree Removal Deadline

May 27 18:39 2022


Sacramento, California – When one of the trees standing on Dan’s landscape started blocking visibility on one of the busiest roads in Sacramento, Dan received a call requesting him to get rid of the tree. The homeowner told a group of reporters that the call came in about 3 months ago. However, as a busy entrepreneur, Dan had a lot of business trips to make.


“By the time the family became settled again in Sacramento,” said the homeowner, “two months were already done. The business trips had consumed too much time. The city, however, was not willing to understand the position that the family was in. The head of street maintenance in Sacramento assumed that the family had decided to ignore the city directive and keep the tree. To ensure the family removed the tree as soon as possible, the city leader had to put a deadline in place. If the family failed to remove the tree on time, the result would be spending thousands of dollars on a fine.”

Dan noted that after coming back to Sacramento, he had only 2 days to get rid of the tree. The homeowner reportedly checked online to find a tree removal company that would handle the tree maintenance procedure immediately. Luckily for Dan, he came across the Sacramento Tree Professionals Google My Business page.

“After reviewing the services offered by Sacramento Tree Professionals,” said Dan, “the family realized that company offered the fastest responses to tree service requests. The company even had a page on its website indicating that its team of tree cutting professionals in Sacramento operated on a 24/7 basis to help homeowners deal with emergency tree services.”

Dan noted that although it was his first time hiring Sacramento Tree Professionals, he did not regret the services he ended up receiving from the company.

“When the wife called the Sacramento Tree Professionals office to request the tree removal procedure,” said Dan, “her call was answered by a very attentive customer service agent. The agent indicated that the company would send someone to analyze the tree and provide a quotation.”

The homeowner was surprised when an agent showed on his landscape 30 minutes after the call. The homeowner ended up receiving a very affordable tree service quotation. The company later initiated the tree removal procedure that afternoon.

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“With two days left before the deadline,” said Dan, “the family was even willing to pay extra to get the tree removed as soon as possible. What surprised everyone is the fact that Sacramento Tree Professionals charged a very normal price for the speedy tree removal procedure. The price was low even though the team of tree service professionals needed to postpone a tree service procedure that had been booked earlier. The company had to make one of its other clients understand that an emergency had come up.”

Sacramento Tree Professionals reportedly handled the tree removal procedure safely. Even though the tree was standing just next to a busy street, the company brought it down without interrupting the day-to-day activities on the street.

“Sacramento Tree Professionals took advantage of its advanced tree maintenance tools,” said Dan. “When the team combined the modern machines with its decades of experience, the tree came down safely without any negative impacts on its surroundings. The company helped the family avoid a $10,000 fine and did not cause property damage in the process. This will be the go-to company for all tree maintenance procedures.”

Sacramento Tree Professionals offers its services from its base of operation at 5815 Muldrow Rd Sacramento, CA, 90023. The company can be reached at +1 916-713-3925 and [email protected]

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