Gettrainedgethired offers accounting courses in Ontario

January 27 16:40 2022

Gettrainedgethired is a new accounting bootcamp in Ontario, Canada. The company  is now offering practical and hands-on training to individuals who want to learn the skills necessary for an entry level job in the field of accounting. Unlike traditional colleges or universities, this accounting bootcamp does not require students to be enrolled in a degree program before enrolling into their course offerings. With a focus on getting people employed quickly after completing their coursework, these classes offer everything from bookkeeping basics all the way up through advanced accounting.

“We are excited to be able to offer our coursework to the people of Ontario,” said company CEO Salman Rundhawa. “We truly believe that anyone can benefit from this type of training whether they are looking for a job right away or if they have plans on furthering their education in accounting field.”

The five week program at Gettrainedgethired features a mixture of both online and offline lectures. It begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of accounting. After that, students will move on to learning about various types of accounting software such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel. In addition, they will learn more advanced topics such as accounting for payroll and sales taxes.

“Our goal is to train people so that they can start a career in the field of accounting,” added Salman Rundhawa. “We want to take what used to be considered ‘bookkeeping’ and bring it into the modern age, while giving people the practical skills necessary for any entry level accounting position.”

The Gettrainedgethired company is led by Salman Rundhawa, an expert in the field of accounting who has worked in various roles for companies. As part of his leadership with the organization, Mr. Rundhawa strives to ensure that all students are able to get jobs in their chosen field. In addition, he is committed to providing students with opportunities for career advancement and ongoing education.

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