Power Supply Manufacturer supports the Evolution of the Optical Communication Technique

January 26 15:14 2022

Nowadays, more and more people rely on the Internet in their daily life. With the development of Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing and 5G Wireless Technologies, the global data volume has increased exponentially, and higher requirements have been put forward for network transmission, communication technology and its devices. For optical communication equipment, MORNSUN provides high-quality power supply solutions which have the advantages of high reliability and high power density, adapt to the complex application environment and help the equipment operate stably and reliably.

Optical communication drives the transformation of networks to meet the data growth demand

The rapid development of cloud computing, video, social networking has driven the rapid growth of global data in APPs and the demand for communication capacity. It is estimated that the total global data volume will increase from 33ZB in 2018 to 175ZB in 2025. Global Internet business and APPs data processing are carried out in the data centers, thus optical communication is widely used in the data center. With the exponential growth of computing power and data exchange capacity of data centers, the requirements of network speed are also increasing, and data centers have become the largest market for optical communication. From the perspective of the demand terminal, 5G network and data center dual-wheel drive is expected to bring a new round of development opportunities for the optical communication industry.

In the industrial chain of optical communication, the upstream includes chip design, chip manufacturing OEM (original equipment manufacturer), the midstream includes optical device and optical module enterprises, and the downstream customers include equipment vendors, operators and cloud enterprises, etc.

From the perspective of the application field, Fiber-optic communication equipment can be divided into transmission equipment and data communication equipment. The main equipment of digital communication is routers and switches, while the main equipment of transmission is transmission network equipment and access network equipment.

With the continuous development of “optical access for replacing copper access”, the market development space of optical transmission equipment is broad. At the same time, it promotes the continuous improvement of production technology and quality. As the “heart” of equipment, the demand and requirements of power supply are also increasing. How to match the development of the optical communication industry from the aspects of product performance, delivery date, quality and reliability is what power suppliers need to consider and live up to.

2. Power Solution based on market demand – typical application in the Fiber-optic communication industry

Typical application 1: RHUB system

Optical transmission equipment is divided into Macro Site, Micro Site, Pico Site and Femto Site according to different power and coverage area. Pico Site is usually composed of baseband unit (BBU), hub unit (RHUB) and radio remote unit (pRRU).

Among them, RHUB (hub unit), as a multi-port hub unit, supports a multi-level cascade and can be flexibly expanded. The more devices expanded at the back end, the greater the power consumption. As the heart of the equipment, the high-quality switching power supply can improve the stability and reliability of the overall operation of the equipment. At present, there are the following pain points in the demand for power supply of RHUB equipment:

1) The product has high power consumption and strict requirements for temperature rise control;

2) The application environment requires that the system power supply can work stably for a long time and has high reliability;

3) The 1U chassis has requirements on height and volume and needs to provide high-power output power to meet the high power density.

After understanding the demand feedback of RHUB equipment on the market, MORNSUN launched corresponding power solutions for the pain points of its power application.

As shown in the figure above, a hub unit should support up to 8 PRRU and need to provide high power output. MORNSUN switching power supply LM600-12B4 can provide corresponding load requirements which include the height and volume required by the 1U chassis and the high power output requirement. If greater ower is required, we recommend the MORNSUN 1000W enclosed switching power supply.

Typical application 2: RPT (Repeater)

The repeater is a wireless signal relay product, which connects the two-way communication between the base station and mobile station in series. It is composed of an antenna, RF duplexer, low noise amplifier, filter, power amplifier and other components or modules. The indicators to measure the quality of repeater mainly include the degree of smartness (such as remote monitoring), low IP3 (less than -36dBm), low noise coefficient (NF), and reliability, etc. There are the following requirements for power supply:

1) The working environment of the application is complex, which has higher requirements for input voltage range, working temperature range, and electromagnetic interference, etc.

2) Low standby power consumption, high efficiency and low ripple noise are required.

3) There are requirements for the reliability of the whole machine, demanding protection function and high isolation voltage.

After investigating the demands of repeater equipment on the market, Mornsun introduced the corresponding power supply solutions for it.

As shown in the figure above, the main power supply is the MORNSUN switching power supply LM50-23B24 of 305RAC Family, which can be used for a long time in harsh or specific environments with higher requirements on input voltage, temperature, altitude, electromagnetic interference, and so on. It has output short circuit, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection to meet 4000VAC high isolation voltage and system requirements.

3. Insight into industry trends, satisfy the market demand

Optical communication is an important network transmission communication medium in the 5G era. In order to solve the pain points of the power supply in the optical communication industry, based on the complete power supply R&D platform, MORNSUN has made a rapid response, subdivided needs, refined products, helped customers solve problems, and is committed to providing the industry and customers with the best quality power supply and promoting the development of the industry.

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